The inner lining of the garage.

Technologically finishing of garage with your own hands serves, primarily, not for decoration but protection.
Mode of operation of this structure is extremely rigid and plastered walls with your own hands and the floor are often exposed to strong chemicals — fuel, technical oils, antifreeze, etc., moisture and temperature changes. And the probability of mechanical damage is very high.

Therefore, facing the inner surfaces of the garage should provide effective protection from all these destructive factors.
First of all we must remember that this premise should be equipped on the most stringent safety standards for car and of course – for its owner.

Flammable substances are stored in the garage, and there is a real risk of accidental sparks.
Facing the inside of the garage must be carried out only from materials that:
• do not have flammability;
• have the chemical resistance;
• resistant to dirt and will not absorb odors;
• can be easily washed and cleaned;
• resistant to impact and mechanical stress.
The list is substantial and significantly limits the range of materials suitable for the cladding of the garage. Not the least role in the final selection of a solution plays an economic factor.
Another nuance. You shouldn’t much trust to glossy magazines, where often flash examples of finishing garage, that look more like a living room of expensive suburban cottages. White floors, perfectly aligned with the plaster walls and ceiling, of course, look impressive, but in reality you will quickly lose all this beauty.

White color is extremely picky about cleanliness in the room. So what has such a great look at a photo in a magazine, after some, just a short time, will lose all its luster.
You should remember that color is fundamental when creating a harmonious interior in all types of premises. With its help you can play with the space and expand it visually. Moreover — lining in warm and bright colors helps to hide many flaws of the coverage.
Another important condition of the correct choice — a measure of strength and durability of the lining. Especially it concerns garages small in space, where every square meter is operated at maximum load.
In such premises it is recommended as much as possible to use all possible mounted and floor constructions — shelves, mezzanines, lockers, etc. In turn, such an internal structure of the garage has specific requirements for finishing of the surface. It must withstand significant additional burden, because the mass of these structures, most often, is quite significant.