The ideal bachelor’s apartment.

Ideas for planning a bachelor’s apartment
More often bachelors choose a small housing. Studio apartments or apartments with free planning are ideal for them. It is also often encountered a variant of two-bedroom apartments with a separate bedroom.

Space should be open, extra walls not only deprive it of lightness, but also reduce its functionality.
Even in the studio apartment is necessary to provide option of allotment of sleeping area. The best way to do this not by color solutions, lighting and curtains, but using screens or sheetrock walls. Thus will increase the soundproofing of the separate room.
But the bathroom can be easily combined with a toilet. Space of the parlor will increase, as will the practicality, but there will be no problems as to reside in the apartment will be just one person.

Decor of a bachelor’s apartment
Designers advise not to resort to complex solutions, including multi-level ceilings and curved walls. The best option — using interesting materials for finishing. You should pay attention to the quality of materials, their durability, and the need to care for. For example, the massive board requires a certain humidity in the room, if it does not comply, the material starts to deform.

For finishing of the walls it is better to use plain wallpaper or plaster with an interesting texture. If you like the wallpaper with a pattern, then it is better to choose soft geometric print. You can also just paint the walls, but for this you will need to align them carefully so that all surfaces were perfectly smooth. For owners of apartments in brick houses an excellent option will be «lack of finish» — brick walls look modern and stylish, they are perfect for loft-style interior.

Walls made of concrete can be closed with wall panels with any interesting pattern (from the hardwood to the same brick or masonry).
For the flooring it is best to use easily washable materials, such as flooring or laminate. The floors in the kitchen and in the bathroom can be made of ceramic or natural stone. Do not forget that in these spaces you need to use special water resistant material.

If there is no window in the bathroom (which is typical for studio apartments), you can separate this room from the rest of the apartment by a wall of glass block. It perfectly transmits light, but retains privacy and personal space.