STYLES OF HOMES WITH Ideas. Houses in Mediterranean style. Peculiarities.

When planning the construction of a private house or major overhaul of an existing structure, yet in the development phase of the project there is a matter of choosing the style of house in general. It is entirely affects how attractive will be the home inside and out, how comfortable in it will physically and psychologically, what the atmosphere will be, what range of feelings and emotions you can experience here.

On the one hand, you want to make a luxury home — to emphasize the prestige, originality of design and design elegance. On the other — you want comfort and convenience so that together with a holiday elegance and luxury, was created a sense of ease, light, comfort, romance and even some nostalgia for wandering, sea breeze and long-forgotten feelings.

Mediterranean style seems to be one of the most promising, attractive and versatile option that is caused by a number of features of this style:
• wide possibilities of variations in the design of interiors and exteriors, in accordance with the traditions of the peoples of the Mediterranean region — lot of space for imagination in the creation of a unique colorful option;
• optimal number of levels — 2-3;
• usage of the most accessible and, at the same time beautiful and reliable construction materials (stone, wood, ceramics), as well as the ability of quick erection of frame-panel technology;
• Mediterranean-style houses are energy efficient — if a competent trim in winter it retains heat well, and in summer — coolness;
• a high degree of environmental friendliness thanks to the use in the construction, finish and decoration of natural materials, as well as the arrangement of the adjacent territory (maximum of greens, swimming pools, fountains).

The Mediterranean style — is a predominance of natural materials in the decoration. Ceramic mosaic is very popular. Floors of terraces, foundations, as well as some elements of the structure (the outer stairs, columns, arches, towers, steps to the entrance to the house) are usually finished with natural stone of light or medium-dark range. Bright slate, marble, white granite are not only harmonizers of smooth transitions in sharp form and vice versa, but they also give reliability and fundamental character to the construction, at the same time, improving its thermal characteristics and increasing reliability and durability. Travertine, presented in incredible color variations, reminiscent of the precious onyx, and even products made of natural walnut thanks a similar pattern look very eye-catchingly.