Small Florida Style Home Plans

Possession own, let and the small house, obliges to arrangement and creation of beautiful interior design of a living space. Perhaps, someone will tell that in the small house it is impossible to create comfort and a coziness. But if to show the imagination and to use recommendations of professionals, it is possible to achieve tremendous result.

What needs to be reached for receiving a comfortable living space? First of all, this visual expansion of the room. And in the second is a beautiful internal and external finishing. Set of these two factors will lead to the fact that the small house, will have excellent interior design and an exterior.

Most often, small houses construct from a bar or a brick. Considering features of each material, it is necessary to choose a way and a type of finishing. From the point of view of technological preparation, it is easier and simpler to carry out finishing of brick constructions. Preparation process in this case, includes the following stages:

  • After construction of the building, it is necessary to wait for final shrinkage of solution.
  • Then it is necessary to clear a surface of the cement remains.
  • Further to process walls antiseptic solution and primer.
  • For high-quality preparation of a wall, it is recommended to make primary plastering.

Preparation of wooden surfaces is carried out as follows:

  • To create a beautiful exterior of the small house, it is necessary that the structure was stood after a construction and shrank.
  • Then, it is necessary to fill emptiness between logs jute, tow or a move.
  • To process all surface of walls the protectant.

If it is planned to leave appearance small wooden at home on a photo, in original state, external parts of walls process the means preserving against ultraviolet.

To finish registration outside Small Florida Style Home Plans, it is possible to apply different options of finishing. Plastering, a covering decorative panels is suitable for brick small houses.

Wooden constructions leave in original state or sheathe wood panels. Very beautifully external facing of structures outside an artificial stone, lining, a siding, polymeric panels looks.

At any option of finishing of an exterior, it is worth to remember about thermal insulation of walls of a construction.

If to consider possible options of internal finishing of the small house, experts recommend to stop the choice on wood finishing materials.

The wood is the best option for finishing of houses with a penthouse, with an oven or a fireplace. Will fit into any option of interior design, a tree in the best way. For internal finishing, it is recommended to use:

  • Floor covering from a massive board or a parquet level. For high-quality laying of a parquet, it is necessary to lay a draft layer of plywood or not a cut board on logs.
  • Very beautifully indoors with a penthouse, the ceiling boarded looks. Certainly, this option can be replaced with a tension or plasterboard design at the request of owners.
  • The block house or lining before which laying the framework and a waterproofing is constructed will be suitable for facing of walls.

For registration of beautiful design indoors on a photo, it is possible to use widespread materials, such as gypsum cardboard, decorative impressive plaster, a natural or artificial stone. The last option is applicable for constructions with an oven.

Quite effectively internal finishing of wooden structures fabric looks. This technique is often used for decoration of drawing rooms or bedrooms Small Florida Style Home Plans. Rooms in brick constructions, a thicket plaster and paste over with wall-paper, or paint aqueous emulsion ink.