Small bathroom: tips on decoration

Use the area with maximum benefit
Most often in the flats with the standard layout of the room bathrooms are pretty cramped and when the room was filled with necessary items furniture and fixtures, the average is just one — two square meters of free floor space to be able to somehow turn around.
Your job, in this case, is as much as possible to «unload» and release it over the floor area and the bottom wall. To do this competently arrange no busy sections of the wall zone near the ceiling, around a mirror, the niche (if provided planning).

Use all kinds of suspended shelves, including, in the niches. Open and closed small lockers can be placed around the mirror — everything you need is at your fingertips.
Get a compact furniture and sanitary ware
As the furniture note the objects of simple geometric shapes, often performing multiple functions. For example, the cabinet under the sink hides siphon and tubes and a soft seat pouf hide laundry basket.
In a small room the bathroom is better to restrict only the necessary items, freeing up the maximum space for free movement in it. Discard the canister additional cabinet if he could barely fit in the bathroom and clutter the area near the front door.

With fixtures for small bathrooms still: neat, proportionate dimensions of the room, sink, toilet with a built-in box or narrow barrel, shower or bath compact. The simpler and more concise their silhouettes are, the easier it will be perceived and spacious atmosphere of the room.

Choose uniform shades
It is no secret, but well-known fact: light facing of walls as if pushing the boundaries of the room and makes it visually more spacious by choosing neutral palette of soft silvery-gray, cream, beige, mint, and other similar shades.

Use contrasting combinations
Interestingly, contrasting color combinations can be used in small rooms, oddly enough, they create the desired visual volume. But here it is necessary to comply with the ratio of light and dark shades, using them to correct those or other objects and surfaces. So, dark furniture seem a little smaller than it actually is, and light-colored walls in the background it will create the impression of a more spacious room.

Monochrome walls will be the best backdrop for a picturesque filling the bathtub. If it reminded especially your room, do not be afraid to use textured items and unusual items. Such a move will help to compensate for some lack of size.