Sleep Capsules

One of the thoughts, the most frequently visiting man in the workplace are as no surprise: «I want to go home. I want to sleep. When there will be a break? «. Accumulated fatigue, need to wake up early every morning, not comfortable atmosphere of the office, etc. conduce it. Surely, everyone wanted to find himself in his cozy bed and take a small nap, rather than pass the time of his well-deserved break in a dusty working area.
Let’s look at the usual things in a new way, as did the entrepreneurs who made their business on the fingerprints. Employers of foreign countries have even started to meet their subordinates halfway, furnishing their offices with special capsules for sleep. It improves the health of employees and improves their mood, which positively affects their working efficiency.

What kind of device it is
The capsule is a special, isolated place where you can relax and sleep. It is designed in such a way that people feel most comfortable in and have a sense of comfort. The device is usually made in the form of egg or cocoon that symbolically reminds man of his birth, care and protection of parents.
There are several different types of capsules. They may be completely closed or partially open. To avoid uncomfortable feelings (taking into account that some people are prone to claustrophobia) interior partitions of capsules are made of transparent materials. In order to relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation, sleeping place is designed in such a way that the person’s feet are in the raised position. If you want to buy such kind of model, note on the capsule Metronaps.

All sorts of additions for all tastes
The developers also have not forgotten about the music, so each capsule is usually equipped with a small built-in speakers, whence comes the calm and pleasant melody. A person can choose the most comfortable position and get away from all the hassle of working. And in order to avoid the possibility of sleep for much time at work, the capsule is equipped with an alarm clock, advantage of which is the time notification by vibration.
It often happens that the operating room is not designed for the installation of additional equipment and has a small area. In this case, come to the rescue capsule el Zulo, which is characterized by its compactness. It is organized so that a person may be in a vertical position. At the same time, it is also very comfortable. If the employee used to rest under an interesting game, a compact Ovei will help. Such a capsule is equipped with a special device that lets you connect to any computer game. For those who would like to take a break from extraneous noise will fit soundproof capsule Armchair Paradise and Nemorelaxer.