Sleep capsules: a new way to a quick getaway.

In 1979 in Japan opened the first capsule hotel — a place of night rest for «white collars» who sat up at work, which did not have to spend time on the long journey back home. They spent it in compact capsules, where they were reading, watching TV or sleeping. XXI century has perfected the idea of sleep capsule: in 2002, United States Department of Health and Human Services has determined fight with fatigue and stress at work as a priority of social policy. In the same year was founded a company Metronaps, producing sleep capsules, and a year later the world’s first energy sleeping room with capsules of this company was equipped in the Empire State Building.

The difference between capsular Japanese hotels of 80s and modern sleep capsules is obvious: the idea of working for wear at the expense of free time gave way to concern about the health of employees and increasing their ability to work. In the mid 2000s, the first sleep capsules Metronaps appeared at the headquarters of Google, Procter & Gamble, and Virgin Atlantic, as well as at the international airports in London and Vancouver. Today, specialized «sleepy spa» are opened it the big cities where people come for the healthy portions of sleep lasting from 20 to 40 minutes.

The idea of carotid capsules is very simple. Everything you need for a healthy rest — a convenient couch, complete soundproofing, lighting designed by neurophysiologists, headphones with lulling music and a timer. All this, according to experts, is enough to take a nap and wake up full of energy. According to the neurophysiologist of University of Wisconsin, Vladislav Vyazovsky, the main thing — do not dive into the deep phase of sleep, and sleep during the phase of «rapid blinking eyelashes,» when the brain has time to reboot and able to process new information.

In Russia, the story of carotid capsules began thanks to the company Energy Point, which imports German Napshell capsules and US Energy Pod and equips the recreation area of the largest metropolitan offices with them. The plans of the owners — to instill Russian employees a culture of quick and effective relaxation while working, not only with the help of the carotid capsules, but also thanks to special beds for meditation, the idea of which belongs to the designer Alberto Frias. Judging by the speed of propagation of anti-stress trends, the world has every chance in the near future to become a real sleepy. In a good sense, of course.