Site selection for decorative pond: It is important not to make a mistake.

Choosing a place for the pond, keep in mind that the pond is not a place to fish or swim, it will perform only a decorative function. However, it is important that for it was built the natural ecological system, or instead of the scenery, after a while, you may have a «charming» swamp.
It is important for placement of the pond the illumination of the area. On the one hand, coastal and aquatic plants need sun, on the other hand — an excess is harmful to the whole ecosystem.

When the summer is sultry in a small pond water is heated so much that control the growth of algae becomes impossible, as a result the residents of these ponds are dead.

The ideal option is considered such when solar beams heat the pool only in the first or in the second part of the day. It is desirable that in the dinner time it was in the shade.
To determine the lighting of the future reservoir is easy. It is enough to mark the contours of the future pond with rope or white sand and traced throughout the day, some of it will be illuminated by the sun.
If near the place set aside for the pond is no home or garden installations, it may be shaded by tree or shrub. Very nice look at a pond trees with a weeping form of the crown, but in this case it is necessary to regularly clean the water from the fallen leaves.

To build a pond with your hands is the easiest if fit it into the existing landscape, using the lowest and wet garden space. It is possible to drain water from the area through a drainage system.
If a country site is flat, a place under pond, you can choose on the border of the garden, marked by trees or shrubs.
Not the best way a pond looks among the grass. If no other options, land the plants of different heights, but not a solid wall — your sight must slide on the surface of the water.

Spectacularly and stylishly looks decorative pond near the alpine slide or rockeries. Making a hill and a pond of the same shape of the stone, you can link them into a single composite whole.
Using elevations of natural hills makes it possible to write in such a composition stream that will flow over the rocks into the pond. Subsequently, such a composition can be supplemented with a decorative bridge.