Simple Wood House Design In The Philippines.

The wooden house gives to the happy inhabitants warmth, harmony of the nature and the healthy atmosphere. But besides, it is important to issue its interior according to your preferences and current trends

Interior design of the Simple Wood House Design In The Philippines . Choosing style

Among styles for design of the wooden house inside the Alpine chalets are an example of model design today. Wooden walls, stone laying, traditional fireplaces, high ceilings, big windows, decor in the form of skins of animals and accessories for hunting, – all shape of an interior speaks about comfort, prosperity and country lifestyle.

Interiors of small wooden houses built from logs make out in rural styles of a country, Provence or the Russian log hut . Inside they are often decorated with motley and lacy fabrics, carpets, oversized furniture and traditional decor.

Also among the leading trends in interior design of wooden houses it is necessary to mention the Scandinavian style and minimalism. Coloring of walls in light tone, and using of simple, but convenient furniture is characteristic for both of them. The Scandinavian interiors also supplement with fabrics in ethnic style, skins, floristic. It is especially good to use these styles at registration of modern houses from a glued bar to emphasize their smooth and straight lines.

The main advantage of all wooden houses is a natural material which breathes and keeps heat. Wood covered with a special varnish or wax will emphasize unique and natural view of your dwelling. If it seems to you that the interior of the wooden house looks too close and stuffy, then you can finish one or several of walls in cool light color.

It is also important to note that for a full picture wooden house decorates with beams and massive chandeliers.

Furniture and decor for an interior of the wooden house selects depending on the wood. Bleached wood will become a fine background for design in modern style or Provence. The dark shade of wood is suitable for a chalet, and rural style will perfectly fit into all houses from logs. At the same time it is important to remember that the light wood in the house creates feeling of ease and heat. The dark tree, on the contrary, gives to an interior more lonely and elegant shape. Remember that light has to be brighter or point wise distributed.

Heart of almost each wooden house is the drawing room with a fireplace. Lay near it a beautiful carpet, move up chairs closer and enjoy a cozy conversation!