Simple House Plans Designs Kenya.

Modern society was already satiated with gray boxes, small spaces, traffic jams, dust of the cities and impersonality of housing. In the middle of crises all remembered about valuable and eternal – the cozy warm house where it is possible to disappear from all adversities, to find calm in simplicity and modesty. But at the same time there is a wish to surround itself with the stylish things that have own character and history. For this purpose we will address the Simple House Plans Designs Kenya (rustic) style that gaining popularity. To its basis belong exclusively natural, often raw materials – wood, metal, stone and fabric.

All look like as during repair, owners spent all money, and they took other materials in the grandmother’s house. It is the main advantage and a charm of this style that consists warmth and a coziness of old times are behind roughness and inurbanity.

Most often this style is compared to a country though they have essential difference. Rustic is not just rural, it made old deliberately, in something careless and absolutely simple, unartful. He does not try to draw attention to himself, does not feed love to excessive decorative effect and pomposity. Everything is simplest and laconic.

Characteristic of a rustic and its integral part are rough, massive beams under a ceiling. And then more defects on the wood, then better. At first sight it is rather easy to create something similar. Actually – it demands on special skill. There is a hard task – to make old the wood. But the result looks fantastically, especially on big squares. An impression is made that glanced to the medieval castle, having overcome time and space.

Striking trait of an interior in rustic style is abundance of the raw stone on walls and under legs. And if to rummage in terminology, a rustic is the way of facing of buildings by stone which is not processed from the face. The most interesting that in combination with natural wood, stone walls do not look cold and silent strongholds. On the contrary, they instill confidence in reliability of such housing.

As for a coziness, the most favorite part of the house is the fireplace. The Rustic fireplace has a special design. Often it is built simply in a wall and looks as in drawings of old fairy tales. It is so good to gather with all family or most will settle near with the book and to boil tea near it.