Simple and beautiful: summer bouquet ideas.

In the summer it is especially nice to surround yourself with flowers — grown in the country or given by relatives. Do you think that just to put them in the water is enough? If to make the design of the bouquet with the soul and knowledge, it will be a real decoration of the interior, able to convey your mood and get a fresh look at ordinary things. Read about the brightest and most simple ideas in our article.

Floristry — is an ancient art of bouquet decoration, but that does not mean that you can succeed in it only after many years of rigorous training. In our time, the most important thing — is information, so knowledge about the features of various colors and familiarity with the advice of those who work with flowers professionally, will make your bouquets a sequence higher than a simple bundle of plants. In the rest of things will help your taste, attention to details and a genuine desire to decorate your life and house — this is especially true in the summer.
Alive rainbow
Group the flowers in shades from red to purple, tie a rubber band, and create a beautiful rainbow bouquet. Put it in a vase or in several vases installed in series. Mirror option — the same identical plants in containers filled with water of different colors. Use food coloring, and you will see how slowly will change the tone of the petals.

Undersea world
Such a bouquet, not only looks stunning and unusual, it will also allow you to enjoy the beauty without suffering from pollen allergy. Fill the transparent cylindrical vase and soak the blossoming branch in it — orchid or freesia for example. Mini version can be done in a simple glass or tumbler — cut off the stalk and cover the bright inflorescence with water. If you add a floating candle, the composition will be the center of attention on the party.
Hanging bouquet
To make a «flower chandelier», you need a base — such as the hoop for sewing — and flowers of about the same length with dense long stems. Sew the stalks with a needle and thread and secure the flower upside down. Of course, without water inverted bouquet will live only for a day, no more, but it will perfectly decorate your celebration in the garden.

Under the glass
Cover a flower with a glass bell — in such a way are put the most valuable exhibits in museums and jewelry boutiques — or just with dishes of a suitable shape. If you use a tumbler, small tea candles will perfectly fit on its leg.

Full cup of flowers
Vase often determines the mood of the bouquet. Delicate flowers in an elegant porcelain teacup create a relaxed and sentimental feeling that you are going to have a five-o-clock indoors.

Flowering water pot
And a bouquet, exhibited in an old watering can, in any interior will remind you of summer days in the countryside and create the effect of beauty, created without any effort.
A relaxed way of giving a new blooming life to garden equipment.