Shutters — beautiful and useful tradition.

Why do we need shutters?

Shutters can be useful not only from thieves — they save from the piercing wind in winter and from the hot summer sunshine. But even if your shutters will be used for practical purposes, to their mind certain requirements. Usually, paint the shutters.
• Painting can create a dramatic contrast with the color of the walls, and may be in harmony with them. You can add decorative elements.
• Blue frame perfectly be combined with a white border. If you will stand on a windowsill flowers, it will be a wonderful additional element.
The form of the shutter can be any — it is a rectangular form, and carved frames. If your area of heat — a frequent visitor, then you can use the shutters, reminiscent of blinds. They knocked together from boards, which are fixed at a certain angle. These wooden shutters protect the house from excessive sunlight.

Shutters for beauty — decor ideas
Even if your shutters are necessary for the practical purposes, you’re unlikely to be indifferent to their appearance. So let’s see what options are available and simple decor can be used here.

Color solves
Probably the easiest option: to paint the shutters. Bright color will put the necessary emphasis. He can blend in with the color of the walls or make dramatic contrast — it is a matter of personal taste and characteristics of the style of your home.
Very good option — decorative elements made in a single color. White frame combined with white trim panels, and together form a complete composition. And you can completely isolate panels and contrasting color.
Even very simple, the rough shutters «sparkle» in a new way, if skillfully use bright colors.

Natural flowers
This option, of course, in our climate will be far from year-round. On the other hand, many in fact and in the country live only in the warmer months. Couple with flower boxes and pots on the windowsill on the shutters — that’s ready to trim, eye pleasing decor!
If you do not plan to close the shutters in the summer, you can afford and more luxuriant flower decoration. But good to weigh and consider, too, is in advance, choosing the plants for decoration: overgrown garlands petunias and nasturtiums will be almost impossible to remove without damaging if suddenly you change your mind That is an option that combines two methods of decoration: bright color and pots of cyclamen on a windowsill, not interfering with the need to close the shutters Shape and material Shutters can be simple (rectangular) or figured. If the window is large, the sash can be made from two or three parts.
In regions where the heat annoys more than the cold, often make light shutters, blinds resembling — in the heat of the day, they protect the house from the sun, keeping the inside cool.
A sturdy shutters made of wood, hand made by good master, even decorate the mansion