Secrets of the choice of a fire pit.

Today’s manufacturers offer a wide range of stylistic solutions of fire pits of various materials: metal, stone, there are models of wooden tables with a stone pit in the middle. How to choose a variety of proposals?

First, determine for which functions you need a pit. Will it be just a decorative element in your yard or you are planning to cook on it delicious aromatic dishes? Will it be the family hearth around which in the evening will gather family and friends? Or do you need a mobile pit, which will be a mandatory attribute of your favorite picnic retreats?

Landscape design of area for recreation in a country house for a long time included a fire pit in the list of mandatory decorative accessories. If the garden design provides built-in cup accommodation, you can choose the stone ground pattern that is set in the groove dug for her and draped decorative stones. Stone pits manage to fit well into the landscape with lots of colorful flowerbeds, overlaid with stones.

Granite pit in the form of a holistic flowerpot is very convenient, is not inclined to lower the fire. Their goal — to decorate the outside world, to illuminate and heat it with fire. If you decide to cook a meal, to fire can substitute the portable table on which to place everything necessary for culinary mysteries. In addition, products made of granite will look luxurious even when it is not used for a fire. Their price is high, but the beauty and durability are always pricey.

Original look have ceramic heat-resistant stationary model. For big fans of cooking over an open fire, designers offer to build them in the kitchen summer terrace next to the kitchen stove. Their mobile version — shod feet and a ceramic container easy to move and easy to install.

Small mobile metal models that are only used for cooking, are light and easy. They are necessary if the area does not allow the court to place a stationary large pit. In this case, they are placed at a short cooking time, then folded and stored indoors. Mobile model also will become a constant companion to lovers of travel.