SCOPE OF PICTURES in the apartment.

Buy pictures with positive energy and avoid themes and paintings depicting scenes of war, violence, accidents, destruction, disease, horrific monsters and the like.

Do not forget that apartment — is a multifunctional environment and each room needs its paintings. The living room is quite possible to decorate with bright, vivid paintings in the style of impressionism or beautiful urban landscapes. And when it comes to the bedroom, where people tend to have a rest, then obviously you should not buy pictures depicting racing sailboat riding the wave, storm, wind, waterfalls, hunting scenes, better choose a more discreet and calming colors and theme. For bedroom will well suit a picture depicting a couple. Appetizing still life or beautiful flowers will add a picturesque nature to the kitchen and create harmony of abundance and warm relations. There will also be very useful colorful decorative plates and ceramic vases.

The perfect choice for the office — landscapes, creating harmonious feng shui. For the office in a classic style — paintings with hunting. The image of the mountains at the back of the working chair symbolizes support, stability and reliability. Picture of a waterfall, river, stream or lake in front of the desk stimulates the water element, which brings lots of luck and wealth, but never hang such a picture behind it. Pictures with open field bring ease in business and career, and so favorable to the desktop.

In the nursery you can hang a bright picture of the child subjects or decorated naive picture of the child, increased and printed on a plotter. Also specialists in feng shui advise to hang in the nursery a picture: with globe — for success in learning, with horses (the patron of children) — for rapid mental development, perseverance and endurance. For boys will suit a good picture of the sailboat, reaching under full sail (for fast training and continuous upward movement). And in the room of a young girl you should put a picture with peonies — a symbol of successful marriage. Abstraction with bright, contrasting colors and pictures, in which the action may intensify energy should be put in the hallways, living rooms, hallways, reception, children’s rooms, sport clubs. If you bought a landscape with a strong time of year, it should be placed in relevant part of apartment or house. Spring is best to have in the east and south-east, summer — in the south, the golden autumn — in the west and southwest, late fall — to the west and north-west, winter — in the north. Family Portraits are invaluable power items that could attract the energy of unity and prosperity. It is not recommended to place them in the following locations: front of the door and the toilet door, opposite the stairs, in the basement. Above the stairs can be arranged with small paintings of urban landscapes.