Scandinavian style in the bedroom.

Scandinavia — a country where the cold winters and rainy short summers are perfectly natural for the local community. That is why Scandinavians tend to make their homes as light and as air as possible, making the most of the white color.

So, the first hallmark of Scandinavian bedrooms must be white color. Color should be consumed very ample: to the ceiling, walls, window frames and doorways, in textiles, furniture, and, if desired, even in floor coverings.
Since the Scandinavian nations are accustomed to the fact that daylight in their country is not always enough, it is not accepted to hang thick curtains on the windows. All you can afford, making out the bedroom — it’s an easy tulle or translucent curtains and also functional Roman blinds that when adding up completely bare the window.

Simplicity and functionality
Bedroom, made in the style of northern countries, requires the free space that is not burdened by overweight furniture and abundant decor, but rather decorated with only the most necessary items in the room. But they, at times, may carry several functions. So, for example, the bed may contain, in its housing compartments for storage of clothing or bed linen, and the role of bedsides is often assigned to the ordinary chair or stool.

Ceiling and walls of the bedroom in the Scandinavian style should be elementary painted, as has been said, in white, and sometimes you can use a shade of ivory or light cream. For floor are more often used boards of light wood, and wood of natural colors or painted in white is also dominating in the furniture.

Wallpaper in the Scandinavian interior is better to use according to the rules of style, that is, to highlight one of the walls (often with behind the head of the bed in the bedroom). As a basic pattern are chosen floral motifs, as associations with summer times so desirable for all Scandinavians.
Choosing a Scandinavian style, we should not forget the soft, pleasant to the touch textures that make discreet interior warm and cozy. Use wool bedspreads and rugs, pillows in fur covers, small fleecy rugs.

The centerpiece of the bedroom in the Scandinavian bedroom by tradition holds, of course, the bed. Often, it does not differ with too large size or height, and is always leaning against the headboard to one of the walls. On either side of the bed should be set tables, but it is better to do not quite familiar, namely, to use instead of them stools, coffee tables, baskets with lids, wooden chairs with backs and footstools-kegs.

Yet, despite the abundance of white, complemented somewhere by neutral hues, Scandinavian interior is often decorated with contrasting details. However, for this purpose are preferably used black and white elements, red and green colors. Less can be used yellow and warm ocher tones. One can only wonder how well are used colored accents in Scandinavian-style interiors, and the room, in the end, looks amazing.