Rules of hanging paintings.

If you want to put one or two pictures, you certainly know in advance where to place them, and plan your stylish interior of living room with that in mind.
If there are a lot of pictures or, for example, you want to create a family photo gallery, you should get to know a few simple rules.

Rule one
It doesn’t matter how many pictures or photos you have, no matter what sizes they are, the alike frames will help to take a series of photos or paintings, as one unit.

Rule two
Big pictures — usually three — of the same height will make an empty wall lively and vibrant, if they hang in a row.

Rule three
Paintings wonderfully structure the room. If a picture is hung in the center, it will emphasize the symmetry of design of the living room. If the room is divided into zones, the picture will even more mark the zoning. If you hang a picture on a blank wall, it visually divides it.

Rule Four
Paintings of different sizes, arranged symmetrically, in the interior creates a sense of dynamism.
On the contrary, the same size paintings hung in the strict symmetry, make the interior strict and stable. This is especially true of monochrome paintings or black-and-white photos.

Rule Five
Pictures of large size is better to hang asymmetrically. The distance between pictures should be large enough to focus on each picture individually.

You can fit a picture to the interior of the living room in different ways.
• If near a blank wall is placed a long low dresser or a set of cabinets, it will be nice to decorate the surfaces over them with pictures to your liking.
• In the modern interior design not so long ago appeared the notion of «rhyme». This is reflected in the parallels that are seen in the interior and in the picture or photo. The picture can rhyme not only with the image but also with the color, with the details of interior room.
• If the room is symmetrical picture hung exactly in the center emphasize the harmony of symmetrical construction. If you move only picture, the whole harmony of the design is violated.
• Paintings or photographs hung in a certain order on the same wall, promote special aligning of the interior. This is especially effective for interiors in muted colors.
• If on the dull wall asymmetrically hang many big paintings, rhyming with pieces of furniture, you get the feeling of opening day in the room. Just do not forget that each picture should have enough space in order other paintings do not interfere to enjoy it.
• American designers of modern interiors lately prefer to give pictures an entire wall from top to bottom. It could be posters, and photographs, and posters, and much more. This wall is called the art wall.