Rules for decoration of the barbecue area

To equip the site for an open fire in the garden should be subject to the rules of fire safety. The diameter of the platform on which to build a fire, should be at least 3 m. Parking lot, house or other buildings and trees — bad neighbors to the barbecue area. Try to place it away from these facilities. Ideally, the distance to the nearest buildings must be at least 10 meters (this is especially important if it is made of wood). Bushes should be 4-5 m, and the trees — 10 m, but only if they are deciduous. The proximity of the needles dangerous, it is better to avoid it, but if not, there is a place for a fire for at least 15 meters and protect its roof, hood, and so on.

If you have a platform next to the spreading tree whose branches are dangerously close to the fire, they would have to be cut or move the place to relax away.

The platform on which are located fireplace or campfire bowl, preferably cleaned of vegetation — grass is useless. A good option would be rubble or gravel. They can fill in the landscape mesh previously spread it on the cleared vegetation from the site. Excellent will work and a coating of paving tile, brick or stone. These materials will play a dual role: protect the site from the danger of the spread of fire and give the site decoration.
These principles work for both stationary structures such as the fireplace and campfire bowls of stationary and mobile bowls. The latter also set the best out of the trees, especially overhanging branches and bushes, as well as buildings. Ideal would still build a platform coated with a non-combustible material, which could be used for the installation of mobile campfire bowl.

To give the barbecue area perfection, update it with furniture. It can be mobile or stationary — it all depends on your abilities and needs. If you are going to have a bonfire in the garden often, it will be enough and mobile furniture, which in the time remaining to serve in the house or yard. The site is not only used for a barbecue? It makes sense to establish a permanent furniture here — in this region certainly will be pleased to just relax.

And space for gatherings by the fire, you can enclose a low stone or brick rim. It will protect the area from wind, giving it comfort and charm — what could be nicer than to admire the glow of the fire, dancing on the walls of the evening? In addition, the stone will heat from the fire, and will give the air warm and after the coals in the hearth off. So rest in this space until late at night it will be possible even late autumn.