Round bed with your hands — smart and extremely easy-to-manufacture.

When your woman complains of lack of «prestige» in an atmosphere of an apartment or a TV screen obscures a newspaper advertising furniture «haute couture», it’s time to think seriously about additional burnishing or to acquire new skills. Although the money in this issue do not always help. Some pieces of furniture easier, cheaper and quicker to do yourself. For example, a round bed with your own hands will cost you five times cheaper than «about the same», bought in a store. And importantly, that the appearance, usability and functionality of the subject of the situation did not deteriorate compared to the purchase option.

Preparing tools
• screwdriver. Bit usual, Crosstip.
• Roulettes.
• Furniture staplers.
• Hammer.
• Pencil.
• Lace length of 1000 mm.
Necessary materials and supplies
• 10 mm thick plywood. It should be chosen so that we were able to cut the six-foot range of a maximum of two parts, that is, semi-circles.
• The bar wooden cross section of 50×50 mm. The amount depends on what concrete moldings have sold in your store.
• MDF or hardboard differently. Again — look for the appropriate size of the sheets are different.
• Foam thickness of at least 20 mm, but no thicker than 40 mm.
• Artificial leather, leatherette, upholstery fabric — your choice. Will be used around the perimeter of the circle, to «curb» the bed, so that should fall into the overall style bedrooms.
• Corners metallic 25×25, under the screws, 64 pieces.
• Screws on wood 4h35 — great packaging.
• Furniture cloves with a decorative cap.

Building a round bed
Making a round bed is no different from the manufacture of conventional runways. This is a big plus, since many have the experience and leadership. But we should remember that move it from a place you can not.
We note on the plywood circle (or two semicircles) using a meter lace. The resulting diameter is two meters, as we planned. Sawn plywood circle.
From bars we gather crossbar under it, which is to create two geometrically crossing our circle diameter. Such crossbars we need two: the top, under the bed, and the bottom, on the floor. As you can see, we will collect them on the corners and fasten plywood base to the upper bracket screws through. From the same bar scrollsaw small feet, a length of 300 mm — they connect with each other and cross mounted on the corners. They will need 9 pieces (one in the center and eight radially).

Another big eight feet (length of 400 mm) uniformly distributed over the circumference and is attached to the plywood with screws through again. They need to pull the edges of the bar stiffness and firmly pull the corners. The ribs rigidity scrollsaw at an angle of 22.5 degrees to fit snugly to the big legs. This angle «catch» is quite simple with the help of elementary miter box, as it is standard for a «stepped» gashes. As an option — it can be noted with a normal student protractor.