Menu — contains not only information about the dishes offered at the restaurant, but it is also an important element of corporate identity (the concept of institution). In this connection, most restaurateurs seek to make it colorful, beautiful and perfectly matching the overall style of the establishment. The menu for the cafe can be accomplished in a variety of styles. But the most common are 2 styles of the menu design:

1. As a folder. This is the simplest and most practical option. It represents the folder in which are enclosed pages with information. Pages themselves may be made of any type of paper. Some make them colorful, ordering a design from the experts, and some print on plain white office paper — their appearance is limited only by imagination of the restaurateur. The practicality of this option is that when replacing food and updating the menu, you do not have to carry the extra expenses, and you just print out the updated pages and put them in a folder. Folders for menu can be both bought in an ordinary stationery store or ordered in the specialized companies that can make a folder of virtually any material, and even put on the logo or the name of the cafe.

2. In the form of a catalog. This option is also very common. These are stapled (stitched and so forth.) sheets of durable paper (glossy). Most often in the catalog except for the information about the courses, there are also photos of dishes. But if you decide to order a catalog, keep in mind that you will have to carefully monitor the presence of all the proposed dishes in the menu. Since unlike the folder when you can at any time replace one sheet by another, in this case it will not happen. And when you enter new dishes you’re going to need to apply to the print shop.
In addition to these options, there is a huge number of others, reflecting the non-standard approach of the restaurateurs to presentation of their products. For example, I met menus made in a look of newspaper and it was necessary to expand and fill its entire table to familiarize yourself with all the menu. Personally to me this option is not very much like a visitor of a place, as in the hall stood pretty little round tables and to deploy this bright colorful paper for two visitors at the same time was simply impossible. But, nevertheless — it did not frighten