Renew tiles on the ceiling: the choice of colors and the technology of work.

Ceiling tiles is a very common finishing material today. With it you can create a beautiful ceiling design, moreover it is a very durable material. Many people wonder whether it is possible to paint the ceiling tile to update its appearance or make more original design using to create it yourself painted multicolored blocks.

You can paint the tiles — but not any!
You can paint tiles but not all its types. Plastic — not intended for painting. Nor is it possible to paint laminated ceiling tile, paint on it will not hold. Other materials can be coated with dye compositions before they are pasted on the ceiling, that is, each element separately, or directly at the ceiling.
Paint foam tiles made with water-based paint, which evenly and smoothly falls on the product without streaks and stains. Water paint is safe for health and does not emit toxins and chemicals.

There are types of tiles, which can be colored with mixtures of only acrylic base. But it is unlikely they will meet. In today’s construction market is still the most popular, and cheap type of foam is facing the ceiling.
In addition, there are the so-called set of «seamlessly» seamlessly which occurs only after painting. So to paint this tile is generally required.

How to paint: the technology works
It is more difficult to paint a plate with a rough or embossed surface. Here it is necessary to apply paint accurately without leaving gaps and sagging. To paint directly on the ceiling, you can use a gun or a roller and brush.
You will also need polyethylene to cover furniture and other surfaces and prevent splashing on them. Will need to work putty, sealant, and of course a stepladder. It will also need to work clothes and special plastic glasses, and the head is necessary to tie a scarf.

First plastered putty or sealant joints. Prepare coloring material, achieving the desired shade by mixing materials of different colors, or adding to the paint color scheme.

Tile paint roller, but if goods are embossed pattern, you have to use only a brush. Apply the dye to be in two or three layers. Especially neat is necessary to paint the baseboard in order not to stain the wallpaper.
For ceiling tiles easy to care, and the ability to upgrade them by painting is their main advantage. Also damaged areas of the roof surface unsuitable or individual blocks are easily replaced.