Red kitchen in the interior — design features

Red is the color used in the interior for many centuries. Psychologists say that it fills the space with energy, gives residents confidence, improves performance and improves mood. Kitchen in scarlet colors look incredibly stylish and effective. Red skillfully emphasizes the dignity of even the most ordinary furniture.

Design features in the interior
Red can be used for buildings of all shapes and sizes. It is bright and pure color, so it is acceptable to use even for a kitchen design in the Khrushchev. It is important to determine the style of design. The owners of large kitchens are real lucky in that regard. They can apply for space on your taste and design without restrictions. Red is widely used in the following styles:
• Japanese;
• Chinese;
• Safari;
• Mexican;
• Empire;
• Baroque;
• Art Deco.
For decoration of a small kitchen will be suitable high-tech style, constructivism and minimalism. The red color is excellent with white, black, gold and gray colors. The selected tone for the kitchen should fit the overall decoration of the house.

Which wallpaper to choose for the red kitchen
For the walls in the kitchen in red colors can be used wallpaper, decorative painting, mosaic tiles and regular. The rule in the choice of finishing materials is one — red should not be too much in the room. For example, if you purchased furniture and appliances in the colors of red, wall decoration made in other colors.

The excess of red in the room makes it smaller and has a negative impact on the emotional state of the person. Wallpapers are selected taking into account the size of the room. If the kitchen is small it is impossible to acquire the finishing material with patterns and large patterns. It is best to stay on the wallpaper in a pure color or with a barely noticeable sputtering.
The density of the coating material is selected depending upon how straight walls in the room. Thin wallpaper is not suitable for uneven surfaces. They are clearly visible all the flaws. Not bad wallpaper will look in the style of craquelure. The walls of the room is large a little easier. The only prohibition — red wallpaper in vertical stripes. It is an excellent solution for the living room or bedroom with a low ceiling, but not for food.

Furniture, appliances and lighting.
Furniture and equipment are chosen depending on the overall style of the decoration and the size of the kitchen. For example, if the walls in the kitchen in shades of red, kitchen can be white, black or silver gray. If the walls are a light shade, you can safely buy furniture and appliances in red.
For small kitchens is better to buy modular furniture and built-in appliances small size. In the room with red walls must be many artificial light sources. You can set the chandeliers and lots of spotlights. The kitchens in the style of hi-tech and minimalism will look great stretch ceiling.