Recreation area in the landscape of suburban area.

Recreation area can be called the heart of any country ownership, because its purpose: to provide a complete relaxation in a beautiful, comfortable and cozy place.

The recreation area — is the holy of holies of the area, decorated according to your taste and desire. Therefore, you should think about the creation of recreational areas when planning the landscape design of the site.
As a rule, recreation area is equipped in the quiet, sheltered from the sun spot area, preferably in the south-west side, it must meet not only the landscape garden style, but also your way of life.

In order the rest area was attractive and possessed for comfort, you should take into account some design «subtlety»:
• seating area must integrate harmoniously into the landscape of the garden, with a single style;
• resting place should be spacious enough to accommodate garden furniture, containers for plants, decorative accessories;
• it is desirable to place the recreation area near reservoirs, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, which provide a wonderful calming effect;
• special attention should be paid to the selection of plants in the design of recreation: remember that properly selected plants have not only aesthetic but also practical function;
• for paving of the recreation area it is better to use natural materials: stone, gravel chips, brick, you can make a green glade — lawn.

It is necessary to carefully select and arrange all the attributes for the recreation area: garden furniture, terrace, arches, flower beds, water features, garden furniture, garden figures, decorative ornaments. Today patios (a modern «know-how» in the design of recreation areas) are very popular, they highlight the special charm of the styling area in the European style. Outdoor patio, surrounded by decorative lattice, walls or hedges — is a symbol of security and comfort.

«Highlight» of the recreation area can be a brick oven for barbecues with decorative wrought-iron bars or a large fireplace — BBQ, amazing flower beds, original garden figurines, exotic plants in tubs and pots can become the decoration of the area. The finishing touch in setting up recreation areas — tents, umbrellas, beach chairs and other «stuff» to your liking.

There are many options for creation of the rest areas in the garden, but most important, strictly abide rule — is its full compliance with landscaping of the whole area.