Pros and cons of ceiling tiles.

Friendship begins with a smile, and repairs — from the ceiling. It is known to all! But not everyone knows how to choose a way to finish ceilings. After all, they are now so much that eyes run! Starting from traditional painting, whitewashing and ending Nouveau suspended ceilings.

There are many moments that influence the choice: it and the cost of materials and operation, and the condition of the ceiling. And probably the most affordable way, both the price and the degree of difficulty — is the ceiling of the ceiling tiles.

Pros of ceiling tiles
1. Tile masks such defects which can not be hidden with wallpapers, paint or whitewash. If you are looking for, than patch up the ceiling joints, or hide the joints plates — that’s it, the solution;

2. The ceiling does not need to be from one year to re-paint or whitewash, it will be enough to wipe the tiles with a damp cloth;

3. Tiles for a ceiling has a rich range of colors and patterns: there is just white; there is relief; there are different shades of color — that is, you can choose the material and make a chic ceiling for any room design.

4. Tiles — the cheapest material for finishing the ceiling;

5. To put tiles on the ceiling, you can easily with your own hands, without inviting experts — here’s Now More savings and pride in yourself! For one day it is possible to put ceiling in the whole room.

In addition to these advantages, plus in the fact that the tiles — a great insulator. That is in addition to the beauty of such a ceiling would preserve the room is warm (cold season) and helps protect against heat (in summer). Especially if you’re like us, you live on the top floor.
Disadvantages of tiles for false ceilings

However, in the latter lies the dignity and lack of materials: ceiling tile, unlike diapers, do not «breathe». Because it does not get carried away too, that the apartment did not look like a greenhouse. It is enough that the world there is a «greenhouse effect», it will not create a scale model in his apartment.

I want to say by that, there is no need to do ceiling tiles throughout the house. In the bedroom, especially in the children’s best to use a tension not tile or film, and traditional whitewash: the air is healthier. And in the kitchen without drawing tiles will collect the all the fat and soot. So the foam tile ceiling is better glue in the areas such as the bathroom, toilet, entrance hall. There it will be what you need!