Pond with fish

Many people do not think the improvement of the site without any installation on the territory of the pond. Water has traditionally been considered a symbol of life and positive energy. If you decide to build on the site artificial stream, the pond is a must. If you populate an artificial pond fish pond will become more lively and colorful.

In addition, they benefit by destroying the larvae of mosquitoes and other insects. To stocking the pond looked impressive and carefully, feast for the eyes with its clean and well-groomed appearance, it is important to know how to properly create a favorable environment for the fish and avoid dilution of their mistakes.
If there are a few fish or they are of a small size, you can settle them in a small pond. A typical pond inhabited by fish, must have a minimum area of 10 square meters. meters. Experts recommend to lodge two fish 10 cm in 100 liters of water.
If you grow lilies in the pond, it should be borne in mind that the carp and lines are literally digging up plants from containers. In such a situation it is recommended dense filling of the container processing by a pebble or a fine mesh containers.
When choosing a particular type of fish, it is necessary although in general familiar with their habits.
It is also important not overpopulate the pond with fish because in overcrowded fish pond water quickly deteriorates. This is especially true if there is no or not working filtration system. In this pond, among other things, fish have to feed more frequently, which contributes to water pollution and reduce its quality.

A common mistake — the desire more and more often to feed the fish. It should be remembered that in the summer in a big pond with an abundance of plants, an established regime and the cycling of matter, the normalized number of fish, in addition to feed pets is undesirable. It is fed only in small ponds and reservoirs furnished where the food is not enough inventory.

Most often in the ponds contain vivid color and unpretentious species, in particular, the goldfish. Calm temperament and peacefulness make goldfish ideal inhabitants of the pond. In addition, the variety of colors of these fish (highlighted in red, gold, black rocks, and all sorts of colorful color options) makes an original and tastefully decorate the pond.
No less popular and decorative is carp Koi (specially bred in Japan and China species of fish to decorate of the pond). However, these beautiful fish are not suitable for any pond. They can only contain a large pond depth of at least 200 cm. In winter, a shallow body of water they will die.
Fish often burrow into the bottom and up the dregs, so that water loses its transparency and attractiveness. To keep the pond water in the form of unclouded, it is important to take care of the purchase of special equipment. First of all, need a pump, stream, enriching the water with oxygen, and the area of the filter.

When a shallow depth of the pond (50-60 cm) pets for the winter need to be relocated to the home aquarium. If you do not want to start a bright exotic fish, it is advisable to settle in the water several common carp. They enliven the water surface, do not damage the plant, easy to acclimatize to the new location, not choosy with food.

Fish in the pond enliven the design of the pond, contribute to the unity of man and nature, and have a beneficial effect on his health and mood. Beach of the pond with fish — an ideal place for rest and reflection. If it wisely and creatively to issue such a pond could become a real «highlight» of the garden.