Place built-in wardrobe: 7 options

Cabinets around the window — is not new, but very practical. Often, the area around the window opening is empty and is not used. In this embodiment, the sidewall of the cabinet will be a continuation of window slopes, and a place in the window sill, you can use a built-in sofa with soft pillows, a bed, a desk or dressing table.

With built-in closet space can be divided into functional areas. Besides, the cabinet can function as a room divider. In the latter case, the items can be put on the one and on the other side of the room. Plus, this placement is that even with the large size of the cabinet, he absolutely will not seem cumbersome.

Often in the kitchens are found niches that were previously used as a storage area, and now they a wardrobe can be built in there. Not for dresses and neckties, and for pots and appliances. If a suitable niche in the apartment not — do it yourself drywall.

With doorways you can do the same as with the window — «wardrobe around them.» The sides will be the last slopes of the door. Remember, when you design a door swing would have most likely outweigh so that it opens to the outside. Or you can put a door that goes to the niche along the back wall of the cabinet. If the opening allows, you can mount and door-to-book. If the apartment has high ceilings Pitch U-shaped cabinet with a spacious mezzanine above the door. This built-in wardrobe is equally appropriate to look and above the entrance and on the doors and even on the balcony opening.

Place around the bed often is taken by two bedside tables and pedestals. All the rest of the space is not used. However, it is also possible to use a built-in wardrobe. On the sides (floor to ceiling) may be quite deep wardrobes elements. They visually stretches the room and not clutter its furniture. This bed would be in a niche that only add to the comfort of the bedroom area. Above the bed, between the cabinets can be built open shelves for books or decorative items. They make it easier to visually design. If next to the bed still needed a bedside table for your phone, hours, etc., in the cabinets can make a niche with outlets from which will also work lamps.
Such built-in closets will look equally well around the bed, the couch, work space, dressing table, etc.

If the bed is painted on your own sketches, then to do it with the required number of boxes desired shape and size will not be difficult. But if you buy a bedroom set ready, then pay attention to models of beds with fitted wardrobes. Such elements are found in children’s and adult series.

Finally, built-in wardrobe can be placed on any wall, and even the TV will not be able to prevent it. The screen can be hung directly on the facade. Built-in element may replace any wall than the carrier. The original design of the cabinet generally erases the line between constructive and furnished apartments. System niches transformed into shelves, cabinets and desks. It is an excellent solution for a small room, where a large piece facade simply «crush» the room.
Experiment and you will certainly succeed!