Piggery House Design In The Philippines

If on somebody vital stage you decided to be engaged in cultivation of farm animals, it is worth thinking of the correct conditions of their contents, first of all. Often inconvenient shed or incorrectly constructed stall are the reason of failures in similar business. A shed is the covered shelter optimum under the terms for the large and small cattle.

Any new building, even Piggery House Design In The Philippines begins with selection of materials. Wood and any heaters will be suitable for a traditional shed. For more modern models — get a brick.

Making planning of future construction, think of an attic. In economic buildings it will be very pertinent. In a wooden shed the floor of an attic can be built from boards or poles. In brick or stone — from concrete.

If in the project there is no garret, warming of a roof is inevitable. Most often for such purposes use expanded polystyrene.

Proceeding from technological norms, floor in a shed has to settle down in 20 cm from earth level. The small inclination allowing manure to flow down independently to the allocated place is possible. For the basis use an embankment from slag, and for the top layer — boards, a brick or concrete.

As comfortable accommodation and reproduction of the cattle depends on temperature condition, it is worth laying over for the winter a shed straw. Walls have to be equal and smooth from within. In that case will easier carry out disinfection of the room.

Light is an integral part of each shed. By means of the windows located in 1,5 m from a floor it will be possible to light a shed and to periodically air it. Also it is worth approaching the choice of a door responsibly. The small size and a high threshold will prevent convenient entrance of the cart and an exit of the cattle. Two-level doors is quite good option . Having opened the top compartment, you air a stall, without being afraid to let out animals.

Optimum height of construction — 2-2,5 m. If the indicator is higher, there can be a problem with heating. Calculation is made taking into account the following indicator: 5-6 CBM on one animal.

Construction of a shed needs to be begun only in the territory allowing to protect nearby the platform for walking of the cattle. Height of a protection is obliged to reach 1,5 m. The most part of the territory can be covered with a canopy to protect a livestock from the scorching sun and an atmospheric precipitation. To facilitate process of care of economy, it is worth thinking over the place specially allotted for preservation of a forage at a stage of planning.