Physiotherapy Course In Bangladesh

The physical therapy Physiotherapy Course In Bangladesh is a set of methods of treatment of various diseases by means of physical factors, such as electric current, magnetic radiation, heat, air, light and many others. The physical therapy is an integral part of the period of rehabilitation after severe injuries, and also a lifesaver at chronic diseases of various bodies. The physical therapy actively develops. Today there is a mass of various methods which allow to influence well both an organism in general, and local problem places. The qualified physiotherapist by means of the special equipment selects medical procedures, considering features of the patient, his age and a stage of development of a disease. The most widespread physiotherapeutic methods are: — SMT physical therapy, — UVCh physical therapy (influence of high-frequency magnetic field), — physical therapy a magnet, — phototherapy, — an electrophoresis, — heat therapy (paraffin) and others. Physiotherapeutic procedures are, as a rule, painless and do not cause allergic reactions or other side effects. However, most of them have contraindications therefore it is very important to consult with the physiotherapist before starting physiotreatment. Acquaintances to all distinguish banks, compresses, applying of a hot-water bottle from the simplest methods of physical therapy or on the contrary a bubble with ice. These, apparently, elementary procedures are capable to render tremendous effect on a condition of an organism.


Physical Physiotherapy Course In Bangladesh therapy at osteochondrosis became popular thanks to an opportunity to influence certain joints and bones, without influencing at the same time surrounding fabrics and bodies. This method of treatment practically does not cause side effects. Physiotherapeutic procedures can be applied both during an exacerbation of a disease, and at all stages of its development. Among such procedures it should be noted shock and wave therapy, laser therapy, detenzor-therapy, ultrasonic and ultra-violet influence. Also in treatment of osteochondrosis the magnetic physical therapy is widely applied.


In stomatology physiotherapeutic procedures of steel will be applied relatively recently. As a rule, they are directed to acceleration of the period of rehabilitation after jaw operations. Also such procedures are applied in treatment of periodontitis which can arise owing to tooth filling phosphate-cement. The physical therapy in stomatology consists in such procedures as laser and magnetic therapy, and also SMT-procedures and influence by infrared radiation. The physical therapy is the direction of medicine which definitely has a future as physiotherapeutic methods are safe and effective in treatment of the most various diseases of a human body.