Pasting of ceiling tiles.

During repairs, there is a lot of questions and shortcomings that have to be resolved. One of them is the «what to do with the ceiling.» You can order the suspended ceiling can be made of drywall constructions, and it is possible without spending time and money to choose the ceiling, decorated with ceiling tiles. Many choose this method.

Let’s start with the choice of polystyrene of ceiling tiles. It is of several types:
— Pressed tile, fabricated by punching (thickness of 6 to 9 mm);
— Extruded tiles (has a very smooth surface);
— Tiles produced by the method of sintering (using this method, tile relief and gets a clear pattern);

All angles of the tile should be equal to 90 degrees. At the slightest deviation from this figure come jagged seams and you can forget about the beautiful and right ceiling. Just tiles must not crumble when you take it in hand. Otherwise you will not be able to achieve the perfect kind of ceiling.
When buying a ceiling tile should provide a small margin. In the process, the edge tiles can break off, so such cases need more section. And buy exactly the same ceiling tile after fault detection may not always succeed.
Gluing should be carried out on the PVA glue or a special glue, suitable for a certain type of ceiling tiles. You can use liquid nails. To cut the tiles or trim its edges fit normal office knife. For a good result the ceiling must be leveled and primed. In some cases it is possible to manage only a primer.
Start gluing ceiling tile should be on the wall opposite the window. In this case, the joints between the tiles are not as noticeable, what exactly will play in your favor. Most of the products have jagged edges. They can align office knife. Then the ceiling tiles will be smoother and the joints become less noticeable.

Variants of arrangement of the tiles on the ceiling quite a lot. The most common of these is parallel and diagonal placement with respect to the walls of the room. You can combine, selecting monochromatic or colored tiles. When choosing a of ceiling tiles of different shades practiced several options for its placement: staggered intersecting diagonals, spirals or conducting calculation from the middle of the room. After completion of the work around the perimeter of the room set ceiling moldings.