One Storey House Design With Floor Plan Philippines

Selecting the One Storey House Design With Floor Plan Philippines project for construction of a cottage on the country site, first of all, it is necessary to decide on number of storages of the building. This nuance exerts direct impact on the budget of future construction and functionality of housing. In turn, the choice of number of storages of construction depends on land area. The small territory under building imposes some restrictions for the choice like building therefore the successful plan of the one-storage house is always necessary.

Construction works on construction of the one-storage building differ in the mass of advantages, to build the house with one floor much quicker and easier, than with two and more.

This type of building opens wide opportunities for development of design, its execution, and also ensures reliability and safety of the ready building. But one-storage cottages will not be able to solve a problem with building of country sites which owners have big families. In this case it is worth paying attention to two — and three-storage constructions.

As well as any type of construction, a one-storage construction has both advantages, and shortcomings. That option which has a large number of advantages, than minuses is considered optimum.

Advantages of projects with small number of storages:

  • The base is the most important part of the house. At the same time the cost of its construction is very high in comparison with quotations on the remained types of works. In most cases one-storey constructions have the simplified base option. Such basis is not expected to maintain the weight of several floors therefore can have simple execution and the facilitated design. What, in turn, does not impose restrictions on soil type for territories, taken away under building;
  • at construction of walls it is possible to save significantly as their designs do not demand additional strengthening as there is no second floor. The choice of construction materials in this case also is practically limited to nothing;
  • thanks to a simple design construction of the house does not demand big expenses, and all works are performed in the shortest possible time;

One-storage constructions have also shortcomings which is not so many:

  • Constructions with a big area and one floor create considerable difficulties at a design stage. In such conditions by drawing up planning it is necessary to watch that there were as little as possible communicating rooms. Especially this requirement concerns restrooms – bedrooms, guest and children’s. The comfort of stay in them will depend on it;
  • Constructions with one floor and big dimensions demand considerable expenses at a stage of the organization of a roof. Subsequently the roof with such dimensions will need more often carrying out planned repair and updating which will become the reason of new expenses.