Olde English Tea House Wake Forest

The tea lodge is very nice accessory without which not one does not do hand made a fair. The box with tea what beautiful it would not be will be hardly so esthetic and charming as this lodge for tea bags. Besides, this thing reusable, will long serve it and, perhaps, will become a highlight of all image of kitchen.

Any business begins with an idea, the idea. You represent in what look this most tea lodge can appear – whether it will be valid it is a box lodge in which there «live» tea bags. Or perhaps the lodge will remind a medieval tower, either the doll house, or a tree with branchy krone. It is possible to make a tea lodge in the form of the Russian oven or an unusual form of a teapot.

In addition, such tea lodge can be equipped with a balcony where there will be a place for napkins or toothpicks. What should be made – it is limited only to your imagination. But to decorate a lodge, perhaps, the decoupage is most interesting and more effective in the equipment. So it is possible to make a small masterpiece of imperceptible boxes.

The Olde English Tea House Wake Forest in the form of a mill will be also interesting. The design and the same form, and competently picked up images will help to make the real rural mill. Near such lodge it is possible to put a decorative mouse with a cone in teeth.

The tea lodge in the form of a hut on chicken legs will be interesting. Such House can be storage of children’s tea bags, or, for example, medicinal tea which kids do not love, and it is necessary to drink sometimes. Getting tea from such abrupt lodge, children beyond all doubt will drink a magical medical potion.

What ideas occur at a question of dressing of a tea lodge? Usually the first association is beautiful the house in the English style, with a balcony which handrail is framed by a variety of colors. But it not the only option.

The tea lodge can become:

  • Gingerbread lodge. Especially such idea will be urgent on New Year’s Eve.
  • Small house. Show through a window as his residents sit at a small little table.
  • Crystal house. It is a lot of spangles, silver paint and too, of course, winter and New Year’s attributes.
  • Tower in which it is ground Rapunzel.
  • Smart skyscraper. Modern interpretation of a tea lodge, good option for office.

And the ideas Olde English Tea House Wake Forest are inexhaustible. The main thing to observe the basic principles of a decoupage. And also to pick up reliable preparation that the design was not deformed.


Possibly, it is better not to pick up three-layer napkins. These are wide napkins with the most various print from a small ornament before abstraction. In a decoupage the top layer which separates from two previous is used.

It is better to pull out fragments and motives, but not to cut out. Only it is necessary to do it very carefully. But if to cut, then it is accurate also cuticle scissors. You can acquire also thematic decoupage cards, or bring pictures out of the Internet on thin rice paper.