New Orleans Mobile Home Movers

In the modern world the mobile house can act not only as a trailer for travel or «fast housing» for those who did not manage to put a country house before a season. It is still a way to forget about a property tax and an excellent alternative to a mortgage. We tell what can be a mobile house: photos inside are also outside applied.

The movement under the name Tiny House Movement appeared in the USA as the answer to a great American dream about a spacious family nest. The more square meters, the there is less freedom and the mortgage is more sick. Being guided by this reason, Americans began to build small (no more than 55 sq.m) mobile houses. Unlike trailers, it is the real houses suitable for constant life in the winter and in the summer. Wheels are necessary to them not only for mobility, but also formally to be considered as the trailer, so, it is not necessary to pay property taxes and to receive a lot of construction licenses. Ideology of Tiny House Movement: pay only for the fact that it is really necessary for you.

Dee Williams — one of bright apologists of the movement. 15 years ago she dreamed of the big house too and even bought it in Portland: 140 sq.m of happiness and 1200 dollars of the housing credit a month to pay a mortgage and utility costs, Dee worked around the clock. Once she fainted, choosing products in shop. Doctors diagnosed chronic heart failure. Dee thought: for the house to pay it 30 more years and whether she will stretch so much? Whether such life is pleasant to it? The answer arose by itself. Eventually, she sold 140 sq.m together with the credit, and on the gained money constructed a mobile hut of 8 sq.m.

Dee’s dwelling reminds New Orleans Mobile Home Movers lodges from children’s drawings: rectangle, triangle and pipe. Design — author’s, and it reflects today’s attitude of the hostess: to save and endure less, to rejoice more. Today Dee is a little in 50 years. She, as well as dreamed in the childhood, works as the ecologist.

In a lodge on wheels there is a bed, a table, the furnace, a bathroom and a toilet. If there is no opportunity to be connected to networks, electricity is produced by solar batteries. And here Dee’s refrigerator does not get essentially that there was an occasion once again to walk on the wood to shop and always to have fresh products. Its trailer — a mobile house more than once changed the parking lot, but everywhere the hostess tries to be closer to the nature.

Values of the movement Tiny House Movement pleased also residents of other countries. The series of mobile houses was thought up by the Austrians Theresa Shtayninger and Christian Frantal. The van of 25 sq.m can be used as the house, a workshop, the place for holding meetings. The most expensive mobile houses from the Austrian couple cost 94 thousand euros — it is turnkey completely autonomous mobile dwellings. For 45 thousand it is possible to buy a lodge more simply — in the minimum complete set and the sorted look. It is simple to collect a mobile house by the hands: the instruction is attached to the designer.

Theresa and Christian live in the van New Orleans Mobile Home Movers. On their 25 sq.m there is everything that is necessary for life: a bed, kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and a residential zone. The dry closet, solar batteries, the wood furnace and system of purification of the rain and used water (on a roof filters from marsh plants are installed) are responsible for autonomy. Ergonomic furniture is developed and made especially for this project. It is in addition possible to order a sliding bay window and a terrace. The van has no corners: the biomorphic form hints that the nature — the best architect creating the most beautiful and practical decisions. The facade of the house is glazed to start up inside more light.