Modern Tudor Style Homes Exterior

Whether you love a fantasy and romantic movies?

Style Tudor — the embodiment of a dream of princes charming, dragons and knightly tournaments. You want that your house reminded favorite fairy tales? Then let’s review several examples.

Fakhverk is inclined beams outside of walls. It is, probably, the most recognizable detail. By itself, in the modern house they are not obliged to bear function of the bearing beams, and can be just decorative element.

Abrupt duo-pitch roofs

It is distinctive feature of the house of an era of the Tudor dynasty. Still we love «gingerbread lodge» style many. Tudor, besides, allows to combine various materials. Dream.

Modern elements of style Tudor.

Speaking about Modern Tudor Style Homes Exterior houses Tudor presently, mean not the style of architecture characteristic of an era of government of the Tudor dynasty, but the style which got accustomed in the USA at the end of 19 and the beginning of the 20th century on its basis more often. High narrow windows, small platbands are characteristic of it. Both the brick, and a stone tile, and plaster can serve as facing of such house.

Appearance only of the house will not be style Tudor fully. Beautiful well-groomed green hedges, paved paths and the platform for games, an arbor in the same style – all this will allow to create the finished picture.

High ceilings with beams from heavy wood, narrow windows, Gothic show-windows of cases and racks.

Cases from a natural tree with accessories from shod iron are necessary for kitchen in such house. The modern furniture industry, fortunately, allows to use cheaper imitations. Do not forget about elements in the form of arches. In modern ideas of style Tudor arches have no Gothic form any more, and became softer.

Oak, natural stone, plaster, shod iron. Very often lower part of walls is done wooden, and top – plastered. Colors have to be natural, warm.

Bring heat to the house

Open beams, fireplace from a natural stone, warmly natural paints — all this will bring the long-awaited fairy tale to your house.

One more important attribute of the Modern Tudor Style Homes Exterior house – the ladder conducting on the second floor. Much attention is also paid to its registration. It has to be wide, with a carved handrail from a tree, perhaps, decorated with sculptures. On the second floor living rooms which are made out according to their appointment are located. At spacious houses there can also be an opened or closed gallery for walks. Style of an era of the Tudor dynasty in architecture is still urgent and endures new surge in popularity therefore whether that in the modern world we so lack the English stability and a coziness therefore whether that he became a symbol of respectability and a solvency. Anyway you can use heritage of the past to create the project of own house in style of the Tudor dynasty.