MODERN HOME DESIGN PHOTOS. 10 secrets that will make your home cozy and happy.

Certainly, many of us dream of finding such a magnet that will attract to our home happiness, love, wealth, health, luck. Do not waste time searching for such a magical artifact. Make such magnet for good luck of your own home.

You think it’s impossible? Just try it!
1) Throw out everything that was not in use for over a year.

2) Dismantle «warehouses» in the balcony on the «case of nuclear war.» Some owners can find one ski-run, broken refrigerator manufactured before 1913, and many other fun and, most importantly, the «necessary» gizmos.

3) Flowers in the house should be only fresh. Once the first flower began to spoil — throw away everything. Get rid of the habit to dry a herbarium for long memory. You will remember, but, allergies from pollen can easily be earned.

4) Remember: chairs are to sit on them! And not for your clothes laying on their backs. Even if it will hang very carefully — it is not the point. Hide the clothes in the closet.

5) Remember: new will never come to you if you do not get rid of the old. Therefore, if you want, for example, a new dress, first discard or donate something old.

6) Clean all the mirrors in the house, preferably every day, and not when they are overgrown with moss. Mirrors perfectly accumulate negative, sending it back, in your house. Only the already larger size.

7) It is advisable to hang one mirror directly opposite the entrance to your home. By the same token, it would take on all the bad intentions of your guests (Well, you don’t know, with what thoughts people come to your house!). Only here is mirror will play the role of a magical artifact, instantly returning the negative energy to its master.

8) If you have started a repair, or even a simple cleaning, do not do it all at once. Restore order area for area.

9) If you feel a certain stagnation in the life Eastern sages advise to rearrange the furniture in the house, or, if there is no such opportunity, to swap chairs and all that is easy to raise.

10) Broken cup does not stick together. Very wise! So why many housewives glue shards of 50-year-old crockery, carefully preserving this «antiques» for «beauty» in the cabinets? This is no problem to buy inexpensive dishes. Therefore, if even on subjects dishes appeared a chipping or a crack — immediately take it in the trash! Cracked utensils program households for «crack» in the relationship. Believe it or not — your business.