Modern Bungalow House Design In The Philippines

At the mention of the word «bungalow» many have an association with the beauty spot in the remote part of the city where constantly there is a rest and a pacification. And among all beauty of the mysterious nature the small cozy lodge on wood piles and with a flat roof flaunts. Partly it is possible to call such associations true as in them there is an element of truth. In this article we will in more detail tell about what is a bungalow, and also as well as where it is better to choose for himself such house.

Unlike the ancestor, the Modern Bungalow House Design In The Philippinescan have several floors. As a rule, such houses are under construction counting upon accommodation of one family. If far back in the past in a bungalow there lived peasants, or already later this house was used as the vacation spot to which you come only periodically then is now the modern cozy house which is calculated for full-time residence of a big family. If to conduct survey of millions of inhabitants of America, then every second will tell that he dreams to have a bungalow on the coast, or on the bank of the lake that in an environment surely there were picturesque woods and clean natural air. Today such dream is available to wealthy people to a large extent. In many countries of Europe the bungalow has a few other interpretation. For example, in California or Chicago is a two-storeyed residential building which can be divided into two families. To the lower sector the terrace, or the increased arbor which area can reach the metric area of the lower sector is usually attached. Also together with a bungalow equip a garden, or the territory of the basin. But existence of the free land plot in common with a structure is considered obligatory. There are people who confuse a bungalow to a penthouse. But it is absolutely different concepts. About what is a penthouse it is possible to esteem in separate article.

The main difference of a modern bungalow from other architectural ideas the horizontal orientation of the house is considered. It becomes in order that on one floor to place all necessary communications. That is on the first floor of a bungalow the living space most functionally settles down, and the second floor can serve as a recreation area. In most cases orders for construction of a bungalow are limited only to one floor and the adjacent land territory. The second floor is considered already luxury and it almost any does not bear functionality. On one floor of living space it is much simpler to carry out communications, to install all equipment. Moreover, for many regions of the USA and other states it is considered safe. Such structure as a bungalow, is considered ideal option for country life. On statistical data, the greatest percent of people who choose such type of constructions it is big families, or elderly people. If the bungalow has only one floor, then it means total absence of ladders that is safe both for old men, and for families with small children.