Mixed styles of individual houses.

The chalet, also called Swiss chalet — is a type of houses in the Alps made of wood, with a heavy flat roof and wide eaves, set at right angle to the front of the house.
But simple chalet facades hide perfectly organized interior space with a well-designed planning. Walls of bar, giant ceiling beams, massive doors — all emanates the old days. Wood reigns unchallenged here. In harmony with it is chalet entrance lined with stone slabs or a whole wall.
Modern chalet house tends to height of the sky and at the same time firmly supports on the ground.
In modern projects chalet is more «tightly» glazed, terraces, balconies and magnificent bay windows are on all sides. Clean lines and simple forms of these buildings are ordering surroundings, give a sense of peace and security.

Mediterranean style
Many Italian manor can be grouped under the common denominator of the so-called Mediterranean home.
Here people prefer flat roofs with tiles (in original, ceramic, although metal is also possible). Removal of the roof, is also always quite large — in order to slightly darken the facade, and often decorated with cornice. Attics are not in honor: attic serves as a «seal», insulating the interior space from the hot air.
The foundation is low, terraces are represented by sites that are protected from the scorching rays with grapes, other herbs or just shed. Fully open terrace — is mostly a hotel option.
A characteristic feature — is a courtyard, secluded patio, hidden from prying eyes. This technique can be very important for the Russians who are forced to put country houses almost close to each other. Instead of patio, there also can be a spacious terrace in the shade.

Scandinavian style
Scandinavian house — is simple, but not primitive, compact, but not cheap. It’s designed to protect its occupants from unpleasant climatic effects and provide them maximum comfort.
Long cold winters, the proximity of the sea and biting wind made northerners focus on protecting homes from external influences. For religious reasons, Scandinavians are not prone to ostentatious luxury. By our standards their houses look modest: money «are driven» in the high-quality materials, advanced engineering systems and electronic stuffing.

Canadian Style
It is also called the American style. This architectural style — is a descendant of the old European style. Immigrants from Europe and especially from England brought the architectural trends of their countries in North America, where they began to develop them further.
Canadian architecture differs with spaciousness, numerous cascades of roofs, columns, large windows, shutters, sometimes spires
With all their view these houses show the success of the hosts on new, uninhabited lands.
Canadian houses are often made on frame technology, but there are also brick houses and houses made of aerated concrete.