Loft Style Tiny House

The loft as architectural style appeared in America. Such style of the room was very popular among representatives of creative professions. They opened galleries, the museums and workshops there.

Over time the loft became so known that it started to use in not only small apartments where were warehouses earlier, but also in the whole houses. Today Loft Style Tiny House one of the most fashionable and demanded.

The interior for the house in the loft style differs in open planning. There is practically no division into rooms. The last novelties in the equipment and furniture connection between old and new are welcomed. In such house, For example, in such house the huge plasma TV with a leather retro chair or the modern stove with an antiquarian glass little table are perfectly combined.

Besides, Loft Style Tiny House surely has to have high ceilings. Therefore the design of the house in the loft style often has the second floor.

Making out the house in such style, avoid capacious cases and elaborate furniture. But do not save on seats. Chairs, sofas, chairs and padded stools there have to be in a maximum quantity.

You can also add an interior with wall jewelry. Images of various mechanisms and pictures of the noisy city will fill the house with the correct mood and will help to transfer the necessary atmosphere as well as possible. Various automobile details, nuts, keys, etc. will be suitable for a decor.

The loft loves open regiments, non-standard accessories and a lot of interesting details. Here colors are seldom harmoniously combined, there are no curtains and colors are harmoniously combined. Nevertheless, because of the simplicity and openness, house interior in the loft style never looks cluttered up or tasteless. The correct arrangement of zones and arrangement of light is the main key to success.