Lodge Style Home Plans

If the house is outside city line, in an environmentally friendly zone, then simply not to do without balcony.

One business — to breathe aroma of the wood or the field through an open window, and absolutely another — to settle down with a tea cup on a balcony in the pleasant summer evening.

Balconies can be different types and are arranged from different materials. A lot of things in this choice depend on finishing of all facade.

Harmony of all elements of the building also makes the general image of composition.

To be defined what balcony will approach your future house, it is possible to see several already ready facades with this useful element.

Functional balcony

Balcony — the extension or a balcony terrace, these two options often occur in projects of private houses.

But the balcony in this case is not only an inseparable decorative element of design of a general view – it is very functional.

On such smart Lodge Style Home Plans extension it is possible to arrange easily family holidays, evening tea drinking or to have a rest with the book in a roof shadow in the summer serene afternoon.

In this case, the balcony is united in compositions with a terrace of the first floor — it gives it reliability and a harmony.

The accent of this laconic architectural detail of a facade is the real decoration of the house.

Balcony over a porch

The balcony in this option of design has decorative value more, than functional.

He plays a roof role over a porch more likely, than additional useful area.

That it is seldom used for designated purpose, says also that over it the roof is not even arranged.

But as the element of design of a facade a balcony about looks absolutely not bad.

The protection is executed in the form of a lattice, and it as if crowns a roof over a porch.

The balcony Lodge Style Home Plans well fits into the general architectural idea and it does not seem in it an excess element therefore such decision quite has the right for existence.

Triangular balcony from logs

The house in style of the Russian tower with a timbered balcony — very interesting option.

The composition from a balcony and a terrace also is, in principle, a house facade.

It is possible to note that material of the building the shades and natural forms speaks about the natural warmth.

The triangular balcony is under the roof, general with the house, and it emphasizes its inseparability from all structure.

In such place it is possible to spend rest time as the roof will hide from a rain and the hot sun therefore it is convenient in any weather.

Balcony rather spacious in order that on it to take out a table and chairs, and it is possible — even a sofa.

Pleasant aroma of a natural tree and wood will add pleasant feelings from stay both in the house, and on such environmentally friendly balcony.

The glazed balcony

Similar to the medieval castle the architecture the house is equipped with the balcony having quite modern look.

The full glazing does it protected from winds and rainfall.

The structure is executed very unusually — the balcony is continuation of one of parts of the building, and is under the general roof.

In such composition it has many advantages.

The glazing instead of walls allows suit a greenhouse on a balcony

Here it is possible to spend much time both in hot time, and in rainy days.

Singularity of the general design distinguishes the house with the identity and originality.