Living Room Design Indian Homes

Desire to have an extraordinary drawing room where with pleasure members of household would gather and about which with delight guests – a dream of any hostess would speak. For a reconstruction of this dream it is possible to address east motives. By colorful magic of ornaments and violence of paints the drawing room in the Indian style meets us. The main background of such Living Room Design Indian Homes

Interior can be chosen a curry and sand, beige and white, pink and peach, blue or even saturated blue color. Any of them is able to give to a drawing room really exotic look and to fill the room with gentle heat and soft light.

It is possible to execute a decor of walls in the drawing room which is made out in the Indian style several receptions: painting; upholstery fabric; list ornaments and thematic patterns. The first option is rather simple, the main thing – to choose opaque paints of pleasant warm colors. They will perfectly look not only on decorative plaster, but also on smooth walls.

Decorating walls silks is an expensive way, however very effective. Natural fabric was always expensively appreciated, and could afford such decor the few. Now need to spend the fabulous sums for silk remained in the past as modern technologies offered an alternative: available wallpaper silk-screen printing. Such material greatly imitates the shining surface of the thinnest silk. It is necessary only to pick up stylish patterns. The traditional Living Room Design Indian Homes Indian list will extraordinary look on drawing room walls. At it there are images of birds and animals, it is a lot of vegetable motives and ornaments from a ligature of leaves, drops and curls. Also the geometry is not alien to the Indian list. Ideally the list has to be carried out manually, but for such skill also solid payment will be required therefore permissibly to use wall-paper covered with the drawing, close to the Indian style. Also the drawing room in the Italian style can be in the same way issued, only the drawing of wall-paper needs to be selected in the corresponding key here. In the Indian house floors are covered by a tree or give all the best stones, therefore, and in a drawing room to which they give the Indian style, it is necessary to use whenever possible a parquet or a qualitative laminate of dark shades. Rugs of bright tones floor, woven manually or the spread-out imitations of a skin of animals will perfectly add an interior.

The real Indian furniture is made of a whole tree. Skillful handicraftsmen therefore it always turns out sound work on it, practical and draws attention with florid carved patterns. Often legs of furniture trim with metal. Upholstered furniture has to have the mass of decorative small pillows, to be deep and very convenient. From its «embraces» it has to be difficult to escape. Legs of a bizzare shape will become decoration of such furniture, and to focus attention and will attract bright, in cheerful tones, an upholstery. The wicker furniture, and also a little table with incrustation by ivory can become a noticeable and elegant detail of an interior also.