LIVING ROOM DESIGN ideas Beige in the interior of the living room.

BEIGE is good for any living room
Let’s suppose you do not have a large area of the apartment and living room is combined with kitchen or even bedroom. If in the finishing of the wall, or other surfaces, as well as for furniture to use a clean beige color, the room, with no doubt, will not become smaller, but will visually expand and will look bright and welcoming.

It is also a good idea to decorate using beige the living room with windows facing the north side, because beige color provides a warm demi-teinte, which is very important if sun rays are not coming to the room.
Beige color can be highly desirable not only for small living rooms, but also for quite spacious rooms. In its background arrangement of the massive furniture of dark tones will not cause doubts, because light beige on the walls will balance of the visual load, and living room will remain spacious and light.

USED in the interiors of different styles
The color of the sand can be successfully used in different styles of interiors. So, if to complement the walls of beige color with stucco on the ceiling and pieces of furniture with a frame made of dark wood, you can get the interior of the living room in the style of old or new classics.
For modern and practical styles (for example, contemporary and minimalism), beige is often chosen as a background or as upholstery and textile material.

Beige is appropriate in the living rooms, where there are ethnic features and elements of the Arab (bright ornaments), Moroccan (perforated decor, wood carving), Mediterranean style (natural wood, a combination of blue and white)

MEETS contrasting tones
Active natures and creative individuals can not tolerate the lack of eye-catching decorating techniques in their own living room. These can be all kinds of art objects, catchy pieces of furniture of unusual shape and, of course, not trivial, bold color combinations.

In this case, if beige is used in the design of the living room, then it’s certainly merged with other, quite active color contrasting with it. Burgundy, black, piercing blue, ultramarine, crimson, deep yellow, purple — these colors will be shown the most advantageous and interesting on a neutral beige background, placing missing accent spots in the space of the room.