Living Room Decorating Ideas Antiques

Sometimes the most unexpected objects can be turned into decoration of an interior. For example, various old things — the sun blind which remained after repair of a door, parquet plates, brick blocks… If to make a few efforts and imaginations, all this will become easy a unique and unique decor of your cozy house.

You do not hurry to throw out the door removed from loops from a natural tree, it can be turned into the panel for installation of bedside lamps. It is the original idea especially it is necessary to the place for rental houses. At such system of fastening of lamps it is not obligatory to lay wires in walls, decorative doors will hide all superfluous for themselves.

Here one more option of a decor Living Room Decorating Ideas Antiques

connected with reuse of old things – a door as a support for photos and pictures. Earlier we already wrote how in this way it is possible to use the window frames which served the.

Vintage arch elements of windows can become a basis for a stylish little table of console type. Of course, to find similar things not easy, but if attentively to look around, to you for certain will carry!

And here from parquet plates very accurate and practical coffee-table turns out. Your friends will surely be delighted!

And one more little table, this time from elements of the old boat. An additional bonus is the shelf under a table-top door. And, of course, the round window creates sea style popular now. To such little table cups or at least the napkins decorated with anchors are surely necessary!

On the following photo — an original support for bottles with wine from … brick blocks of a bizarre shape. It is very often possible to find the similar elements which are unused in old houses.

Good example of synthesis of retrostyle and modern interior. The little table from an old granary door surprisingly organically fits into design of the room. Of course, similar wooden designs need to be processed carefully before bringing to the house.

The fence element from natural wood turns into a stylish sliding door.

But the special atmosphere in the house is created by objects from the raw tree … We already wrote about handmade the ideas for a decor from this noble material earlier. And in it we will look at time what wonderful little table can be made of peck! Such things give a special charm to any interior.

It is possible to find new application and for old chairs. Here such support for bowls of your pet – it is also practical, and it is beautiful. The main thing, is correct to pick up height, for small doggies of a leg of a chair it is necessary to file.

Wooden blocks and beams at the corresponding processing will also give to an Living Room Decorating Ideas Antiques

interior necessary accent. From the plates whitewashed and connected together the excellent divider of room space turns out. White color is chosen very successfully here.

And here a dining table, also from a wooden bar.

And again old doors. It would seem, they just stand in a garden … But what interesting turns out composition!

One more design installation, this time indoors.

At decoration of an interior application and to metal bagatelles will be found.

Even from a series of industrial design.

Creative use of a ladder as a shoes stand.

Turned the vintage children’s carriage weaved out of willow twigs, design mind into an original bed.

Do not hurry to throw out old things, look at them from a different angle, and, perhaps, they will become bright and stylish handmade interior jewelry too!