Living Room Decorating Ideas And Pictures

If you looked around once and decided to change something not only in own house, but also in life, it is necessary to think of the correct organization of the inhabited space. Depends on you with what power information field it will be filled. Let’s begin with design of the living room.

Small drawing room

It is obvious that the design of the small living room will significantly differ from registration of the spacious room. If the place is not enough that each square centimeter has to be used most rationally. For this purpose modular cabinet furniture will be suitable for a drawing room. It can be placed so that an opportunity appeared, changing the place and an arrangement, it is easy to transform a cozy house corner to the room for reception of guests. In that case Living Room Decorating Ideas And Pictures such pieces of furniture as a chair pear and a chair bag will be pertinent. In such chair it is possible to relax in the evening after work – soft contours as if envelop all body comfort. And when on a threshold guests will appear, it can or be pushed far away in a corner, or to use as a chair.

For the small room modern walls will be suitable for a drawing room, not too dimensional, with a large number of open shelves. On such racks designers recommend to place flowers, photos, souvenirs, in some cases − books and ware. But to you it is not necessary to encumber small space with furniture and too large number of objects. Each subject has to fit organically into an interior and to be here pertinent. The decor minimum, simplicity, neutral color scale will help to create harmonious space even in a small drawing room. Visually will allow to increase space:

  • light ceilings, walls and floor,
  • transparent or openwork furniture,
  • big window,
  • transparent tulle,
  • mirrors or mirror wall,
  • correct lighting.

For visual expansion of the area and zoning of the room on a bedroom and a drawing room, dressing (painting, a list) two flowers which are in harmony among themselves can be used. Such design reception in studio apartments is very pertinent. One of walls is painted, for example, white color, and by the others — in beige, or on the contrary. The wall which differs on color can become a background for placement of pictures, home decoration, houseplants.

Spacious drawing room

If there is a lot of place, then it is possible to afford a drawing room interior in classical style, Baroque styles, a modernist style and many others.

Mirrors with gilding, gilded lamps, pieces of antiques, wooden furniture will be suitable for a classical drawing room. Furniture for a drawing room (classics, a retro, an elaborate empire style or in any other style) it is better to have along walls or on corners. Thanks to it the space will be noticeably expanded, and you will be able to accept in such drawing room bigger the companies of friends.

To issue a drawing room in Baroque style, use frescos, a stucco molding on a ceiling, the massive decorated furniture, sculptures. From fabrics the atlas, brocade, a velvet approach. Curtains Living Room Decorating Ideas And Pictures from these materials will look at windows just smartly.

The wide flight of fancy gives design of the living room in modernist style. It is possible to use fabric or paper butterflies, waves, needlework objects, graceful cabinet and upholstered furniture.

Whatever style of a decor of the room was chosen, recognize that each subject has to have the place. So, the fireplace, a soft corner and a coffee table, an original bulk floor will become the central subject in an interior. Combination of the big central lamp with local pointed lighting will allow to light all dark corners and to achieve play of light and shadow that will positively affect power of all room. At the same time do not forget «to neutralize» also acute angles, having placed near them houseplants.