Landscape design of site in English style.

How to turn a country site in English garden? To understand some of the rules decoration and properly plan everything — that’s what really matters! Landscaping site in the English style is considered very beautiful, often called «classic landscape». It is characterized by detached groups of trees of oak, beech and hornbeam. Also characteristic is the high bushes that divide land into several zones.

For such a garden is needed great site. The area of less than 10 acres just does not allow you to create a real English garden. But do not be upset, because as a small area, you can create a cozy and charming atmosphere. The basis of any landscaping site is lawn lawns or more interconnected with the help of the tracks. The way to a small section of wall of the house can be used for vertical gardening.

Flowers in English garden taken planted near the house, with them quite a bit. Its foundation still remains perennial coniferous and deciduous plants.
Decor of landscaping area can be sculpture, forged elements, columns, arches, decorative vases, stones.

In the garden of a large area will look very impressive track with hedges, leading into the distance. It is best suited for her tiles, lined herringbone or pavers. Large garden tiles will not give charm and romance of the British era. Trimmed bushes deciduous or a beautiful arch will be useful.
The attraction of this garden lies in wonderfully intimate place for lunch in the open air, even in the dead of winter. A carpet of gravel emphasizes the border zone, and the mirror surface countertops reflect the heavenly expanse. I think the atmosphere of this place makes a great dining experience!

The use of evergreens is the basis of landscaping site in the English style. Neatly trimmed bushes and trees, arranged symmetrically to the door, visually alienate the door from the road. This creates the impression that the door is a long path.

In a small garden can be built the recreation area with decorative green plants that delineate its borders.
For the English garden is perfect stream or pond with a nice shape. The coastline can be decorated with perennials: cattails, forget-me, Globe or marigold.

From different points of landscaping site in the English style is perceived differently. We think, walk through this garden will provide a change of pictures and impressions.