Landscape design of garden site — expert advice

Many people think that to create a beautiful design of infield by their own — is virtually impossible. But with a little effort and imagination, you can make landscape design of a garden plot, without straining and without attracting the foreign.

First of all, to dream, how would you like to see your garden. And do not forget that will be required and repair of private homes so the ensemble was harmonious. Before that, you probably need to spend a few hours before the book design area and read a lot of forums, each of which promises to teach to perform such work quickly and beautifully.
After the formation of the image of the future site in mind, try to move the design of a garden plot on the paper.

Think carefully about the layout of the territory and its division into several areas (recreation, guest, garden, etc.), the purchase of the necessary plants, which will decorate the site in the future, as well as the overall style, which will be decorated your garden (Japanese, German , country-style).
Then comes the phase in which expert advice will be useful.
Share your plan with an experienced landscape designer, and he will correct your mistakes and advise how best to do this or that area of work, carrying out the design of a garden site with your own hands.

Decide on the style
Currently, there are many different styles of garden design, the historically formed and ready to use in a particular area.

Here are the main ones:
• Regular;
• Landscape;
• Japan;
• Chinese;
• Muslim.
In addition, you can place your site in the German, Russian, or any other style. The main thing is that the atmosphere in the new garden reflects your outlook and genuine relationship with nature. Making section, consider the model of repair of private houses with your own hands, you have done.
For fans of classic is best suited regular style. This landscaped garden includes geometricityand just noticeable and the overall composition and vivid manifestation of its founding.
Often — this is a great road straight from the house, which runs a small path, aimed at different areas of the garden.
Landscape style appeal to fans of romance. Uneven terrain, asymmetry and many architectural structures in your area — these are the characteristic features of this style.

If you want to design a small garden, one of the suitable options to be Muslim in the style of the design.
The main feature of this style is the division of site into 4 parts, and in the center is a fountain or artificial lake. The presence of water in the garden for Muslims means life and grace.

Lovers of exotic are ideally suited oriental styles. Curved bridges, pavilions, delicate cherry and open bodies of water — that is, without which there can live a Japanese or Chinese.