KOI POND DESIGN Ideas Formal ponds

In the last few years formal decorative ponds have become heirs of formal ponds inherent in regular style garden — the main characters of almost all European exhibitions on landscape design. Very often they are provided by lawmakers of garden fashion — by the British. In all cases — whether they are part of a large garden or a tiny oasis in the garden — they are distinguished by an exceptional elegance.

The perfect geometric shape, shallow depth, allowing to consider drawing on the bottom, as well as used to the best effect ability of water to create a reflection — these are the main qualities of ornamental pools. It is in some sense reservoirs of future, innovative and extremely spectacular. By and large the same design — a formal (regular) garden of the new generation, which, unlike the canonical samples can be observed asymmetry, but will never be broken «angularity» composition, its strict geometry.
The mirror surface of the water in the case of a formal pond has become the main focus of the garden. Next to them, or, at least, are planted directly into the water extremely graphic quality plants, erecting of interesting shape, texture and color of architectural structures — in short, doing everything to this particular corner of the garden was the most attractive. Indeed, these ponds provocatively beautiful. They have everything that attracts fans of water — this element of liveliness, freshness, she presents original plant living directly in the water or on the banks of the pond. However, formal ponds vary, as a rule, the original form, and give unusual garden just by their presence.

A variety of formal ponds is large enough. The most common option — a small square or rectangular bowl in the center of the garden composition.
Sometimes such pond is not too small for the area of a mirror, but it is almost completely hidden under the wooden walkways. Then created walkways and benches installed on them for recreation or other hardscape are designed support the idea of a complete formalization of the space and create a certain rhythm. The same idea should serve and paving areas tend to be very innovative.

Decorative pools can lift off the ground, or do a few small cascades, but geometrically correct forms of interconnected narrow channels where the water will shine a black ribbon.
Formal ponds incredibly prettier if directly in the water or on the banks of the pond are planted ornamental coastal aquatic plants and / or install the fountains, which, except for jewelry, and even saturate the water with oxygen.

Some decorative fish need deep water, so a formal pond with its steep walls is ideal for the occasion.

Formal ponds are particularly relevant in cases where the garden is very small, and you still want to enjoy fresh water. A small playground in front of the house may be undeveloped with just formal style with a little pond and only the correct form. Firstly, regular style initially perceived as a grand, solemn. Second, the natural shape of a small pond on 2-3 acres of land will be perceived as a pool that never be said about the formal ponds.