Kitchen Design in Art Nouveau Style.

If for a moment to forget about the eternal classic, Art Nouveau can be called the most popular style in the design of kitchens. And this is understandable because of its many virtues: functionality, simplicity, availability of a wide range of options. This style is popular not only among young people, seeking to meet the fashion, but also among adults with formed preferences in interior design and furniture. Kitchen sets require special attention, because it depends on them the overall image of this important room. You want to cook tasty food in a beautiful and comfortable kitchen, which will not only realize your potential, but also to give inspiration and the right mood. But how to choose such a kitchen?

Features of the kitchen in a modern style
The uniqueness of kitchen sets is that they are nearly universal. You can buy a model for a spacious room, and for a tiny kitchen. And it will look appropriate. For example, a small kitchen is better to complement with the set, located L-shaped or linear. So you can «unload» the space and visually increase it. But you should not do that in the spacious interior. The ideal layout for large rooms includes two rows of furniture and the island. However, you can replace an island with a dining group, located in the center of the room. So you can combine the two zones in one place if you have a desire or need to.

In contrast to the same classic, modern is loyal to both the size and layout of a room. If your kitchen is not a rectangular shape, this style is easy to adapt to corners and bends, includes columns and transforms features of the room into the author’s idea.

It should be noted that this style is characterized by simple, straight lines, which are also inherent in the classics. However, modern also allows smooth transitions, bends and even mixing of different elements. However, this approach is extremely rare. Kitchen headsets in Art Nouveau style hit with their ideal forms, where everything is important — the size of each drawer and shelf, location of handles and faucets.

The color scheme of the kitchen in a modern style
One of the features of this style is its monochromatism. Modern does not tolerate the use of several different colors, but allows different shades of the same color. The most popular option — a combination of dark brown and light brown (or beige).

Also are common kitchen sets, made in one color. As a rule, the owners of these cuisines prefer «natural» color, but you can also see red or blue kitchens.

Professionals recommend to choose the color according to the size of the room, lighting, personal preference of the owner and the expected result. For small-sized rooms it is better to use light colors, avoid bright colors. But the spacious rooms give full play to the imagination.