KITCHEN DESIGN Ideas Design of the kitchen in a wooden house

Interior of a wooden house is different from the usual drywall apartments. The texture of the tree itself carries a powerful energy, and you should not ignore it. The wood itself is creating quite a powerful color and textural experience. Therefore it is necessary either to enter the furniture into already generated tree space or conceal and disguise such a powerful energy.

Features of material
• The mobility of the walls. New framework for several years settles. This may affect not only the openings, but also at the height of hinged elements (shelves, cabinets, etc.). The final design is desirable to do only after the main shrinkage of the building.

• The color of the walls. As a rule, pine tree is used for the construction. It has light wood and quite an interesting structure. But over time, any wood darkens. Therefore, fans of bright interiors need to make sure that the headset was quite bright colors. This feature of the material significantly affects the coverage of the kitchen, as walls absorb light and require little more than a conventional interior.

• Heat. Wooden house — it is heat-insulated walls that do not accumulate calories. When exchanging warm air quickly disappears. To avoid this, it is necessary to provide heat stabilizers that balance the heat in the house.
Any mineral materials work quite well for this role. This may be a stone fireplace, rough, big oven or radiant floor heating on clay or cement screed.
Kitchen and living room (and often they fit into one large room) — it is the ideal location for these items.

Kitchen in the wooden house
Blockhouse is rather complicated in the design, because it is quite difficult to accommodate modern facades. They will be sharply stand out and look like alien elements. The most fit harmoniously into the log home country, Provence, Russian folklore.

When zoning is possible to use the remaining scraps of logs to create a bar. Non-standard timber can be adapted as a support for a ladder.
If you do not plan to take a kitchen floor, then set made of imitation wood may merge with the walls. Thus, the main emphasis will be created using textiles and accessories.
However, when you want to light the interior, you can paint timber in white, or any other light color.

Fans of classic luxury can be offered to sew up the wall plasterboard or OSB and place the appropriate set.
• Porosity. The porous structure is able to actively absorb moisture and odors. To avoid this, the material must be protected with special impregnation and lacquer.