Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft

The interior in such style creates the atmosphere of a pacification and tranquility. Registration of houses in the Mediterranean style arose in the West: Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and other countries. The main feature of such style is a simplicity in an interior. All elements combine creative approach, comfort and a practicality.

Furniture of handwork approaches very well. Most often it is made of a thin oak or a pine. Many people use colored furniture under color of this style. A color palette in the different countries differs. For example, in Greece are cold shades (white, all shades blue and emerald). Italy prefers warm shades (yellow, red-pink, cream, terracotta, yellow and brick).

In the Kerala Style House Plans Below 800 Sq Ft ceilings and walls are painted in white color, despite it finishing looks rough. Therefore such option will be suitable for uneven walls, and it will allow saving funds for alignment and forces. In the Italian style always combine several invoices in finishing of walls. For example, mosaic tile, decorative plaster, wall painting and imitation of frescos. In the Mediterranean interior floor covering used on a minimum. The main material is a tile in warm colors. Refinement to a floor is given by images of scenes of Ancient Greece from a marble mosaic.

It is possible to lay mats from reed or seaweed on a tile. They rather strong and create the atmosphere of proximity to the nature. It is possible to use wooden floors instead of a tile. It is necessary to consider that the texture of a wood was not evident and was not the center among other details of an interior.

In a traditional Greek bedroom everything has to be on minimum. From furniture there are only all most necessary – a bed, a curbstone, a linen case and a small sideboard. To diversify a little an interior, it is possible to use textiles: snow-white bed linen, motley rugs, covers and plaids, and also linen curtains under color of walls. In the Greek bedroom the furniture is mainly in light tones weaved out of reed or pine. Dressers, a linen case, chairs and a little table have to be there too.

In the Italian style, furniture is done of ferrous metal. Curved legs on a dressing table, symmetric patterns on a back of a bed and wattled seats on shod chairs – all these things belong to the style of the Italian bedroom.

The drawing room is intended for rest for all family. The main subject in such room is a table. Remember that in the Greek style chairs are wattled or wooden, and in Italian furniture shod with wooden seats.

Indispensable condition of a drawing room is a large number of seats: chairs and several sofas. The set will be added by a coffee table, whatnots and book shelves which are executed from a thin oak or a pine. The book rack with interesting shod patterns perfectly will be suitable for storage of family objects.