Kerala Style 4 Bedroom House Plans Single Floor.

The project of the one-storage house with two bedrooms gains the increasing popularity in country construction now. Owners of allotments prefer to build not huge multistoried cottages, but small cozy lodges to one floor.

As projects of such constructions are carried out by the hands, this article suggests to get acquainted.

Features of simple projects

Today projects of simple Kerala Style 4 Bedroom House Plans Single Floor are demanded.

Their features are:

  • Construction of such houses is suitable for those at whom the territory which there is no need to save allows.
  • Lack of ladders facilitates operation of houses and cuts down on time expenses on movement on the house.
  • Buildings have, as a rule, a rectangular shape that allows to use effectively material for construction and, so and the price of their construction less.

Construction of the one-storage house with two bedrooms will be ideal housing for a small family. It is possible to live in it constantly or to use for country rest.

The standard project includes construction of the house from a brick or gas-concrete blocks, outside of warmed by a special heater. Internal planning of rooms laconic has no anything superfluous.

The instruction according to the plan of the house provides:

  • Two bedrooms which area is 12 sq.m. and 16 sq.m.
  • The size of a hall allows installation of cases for clothes (see. Angular sliding wardrobe: what to choose).
  • The heating equipment is provided to be placed in a boiler room.

If there is desire to build the one-storage house with 4 bedrooms, the project assumes comfortable access to any room, there is no need to pass from one floor to another.

Private life of the house from inquisitive visitors will be hidden by clear split of day and night parts.

The day zone is visually increased by open kitchen that promotes its best lighting.

The device of the covered terrace will allow making a tasty shish kebab under any weather conditions.

In a lunch zone the bay window will create a separate light sub band for the dining room.

Excellent lighting during the light day of all room is guaranteed by the big areas of windows.

For convenient storage of economic utensils the capacious kitchen storeroom is irreplaceable.

Transfer of things in the car or from it simplifies the direct transition which is available from a garage to the house.

Fans of classical architecture will appreciate traditional architectural style.