Kerala Home Plans 1000 Sq Feet

Would you like to wake up in the morning, or to have a rest in the evenings in the warm Kerala Home Plans 1000 Sq Feet, feeling smack of spices and a smell of distant wanderings? The fine dream, pleasant memories, addictions to the East, and in particular, to India — all this can be reflected in the situation surrounding you. There are several ideas which will help to create you the real Indian interior.

Lighting in the Kerala Home Plans 1000 Sq Feet — a haven of various cultures. Only some of them: Rajasthan, Southern India, states Maharashtra and Punjab. What culture you want to reflect in the house? To avoid mixture of styles, choose the leading subject, and follow it.

Choose traditional Indian colors for walls: from light yellow or peach, to darkly yellow and saturated orange.

Wall decor in the Indian style Traditional Indian architecture in the form of arches, carved columns and niches to recreate very difficult, but beautiful carved furniture, screens and doors, can quite compensate this shortcoming.

In registration photos or pictures with an illustration of religious scenes from Ramayana or the Mahabharata, landscapes of rural areas, or a motley wall carpet will well look. Images of national Indian dances, such as Katak, Bharat-Natyam, Mokhiniattam or Katkhakali, will also strengthen the Indian spirit of your house.

Curtains, covers, carpets and other tapestry materials have to look «Indian». Use a set of coloring, fabrics for a sari, mirror ornaments, an embroidery.

If you like classical Indian music, you can include in an interior some musical instruments, for example, a tabla, a flute, a tanpura.

Replace usual candlesticks with the Indian oil or kerosene icon lamps.

The decor element in the Indian stile is a lot of wood, steel and bronze as a decor.

At registration of kitchen grant a respite to modern ware, and replace it with copper Indian utensils. You can buy it during the wanderings. For example, the authentic vases, spoons, dishes made manually with the thin stamping drawing can be found in Kashmir. The specific rural look will be given by rough clay vessels.

And, finally, remember — your house reflects your taste and your identity. What decor you would not choose for your house, lean on that then it was convenient to you to live among it.
Color and ornament are the main tools for creation of an interior in this style. In the majority of houses of India two shades are the most widespread – color is fresher than some greens of the jungle and reddish-orange as if pulp of Muscat pumpkin. Also enter a traditional palette saturated claret, bright gold, deep violet, solar-yellow, a curry, chocolate and white. During the skillful work of the master it is possible to combine all these colors even in design of the one-room apartment. Fancy national patterns perfectly supplement bright shades of walls and a ceiling.