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It is obvious that for the modern owner of the apartment or the private house the interroom door is not only the element of an interior allowing to create a certain isolation of one room from another, it also a decorative component of an image of all dwelling. And the question of the choice of this so important and functional subject of an interior stops being simple when the consumer faces the huge range of modern shops where doors are presented in the wide price range, design variations, executed from various materials with various color schemes. And the possibility of production of doors by the individual order erases borders of the choice of this subject of an interior at all. So, what door to choose on color? To what design to give preference not to break the general style of registration? How to find practical and at the same time inexpensive option? Let’s understand one after another.

Unusual interroom doors

Choice of a form, sizes and type of a design of interroom doors

Let’s begin with the fact that for your dwelling it is necessary to address the choice of doors at an initial stage of planning of repair. Even, if all doorways of your rooms have the standard sizes, it is necessary to be convinced of it in advance that it was not necessary to look for a door cloth of the non-standard sizes or to order individual production (that will entail not only additional expenses, but also will drag out repair on time).

If to speak about width of doorways for single-door doors, then their sizes are, as a rule, presented in standard 60, 70, 80 and 90 centimeters. And here height of door cloths fluctuates at various producers recently. It was not very long ago difficult Interior Door Styles Home Depot to find doors with height more than 2 m, such options weight now – 2 m and 10 cm, 2 m and 20 cm. Designers recommend to use interroom doors of non-standard height for visual «raising» of ceilings. If your requirements are not within the standard sizes, then it is necessary to prepare a doorway for the pleasant cloth in advance, or to look for doors under the available designs.

Certainly, in the modern market of interroom doors there are enough firms which will make a product by your sizes and individual design. Such cloth not only will ideally fit into the existing interior picture, but also can become its highlight, thanks to exclusive execution. But it will be necessary to pay for individual approach. Nevertheless most of buyers prefer to get interroom doors from the range of shop.

From the point of view of division of doors as designs, the most popular for our compatriots are single-door and swing oar doors. The habitual design and a way of operation takes over fashionable offers up – rotary or semi-rotary door cloths.

Agree that the oar door approach occupies much useful space of the room and on opening a certain stock of the area is necessary. In small-sized rooms designers suggest to use variations of sliding doors. The first way of creation of such design – placement of a door cloth between two a rail which fasten to a ceiling and a floor. As a result we receive the sliding cloth operating Interior Door Styles Home Depot by the principle of doors in a compartment. Recently this way of creation of isolation of the room was simplified to one suspended by rails or a support which fastens to walls over a doorway. Thus, it is possible to save space of small rooms, but it is important to understand that closely to a wall in the place of movement of a door cloth furniture or other home decoration cannot be established.

Unusual choice of color

Movable doors enjoy not smaller popularity recently. The main objective of a similar design, besides the main function on isolation of rooms, comes down to economy of space. The door moves in specially designed box from gypsum cardboard or directly in walls. As a result the cloth disturbs nobody and does not take the place in the small room.